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match report 1888-89 fixture list
The Aberdeen 8 - 0 Britannia
Kick Off:    T. Wood, Christie, J. Key 3, Allan, Ketchen 2        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Viewed as a preliminary to the semi-final of the Cup-tie, the meeting of teams representing the Aberdeen and Britannia clubs at Chanonry was not without interest. There was consequently a good turnout of spectators. Play for the first quarter of an hour was conspicuously loose, but thereafter, wakening up, the Aberdeen right-wing had a splendid run up the field, and T. Wood, with a long shot, defeated Lovie, the Britannia goalkeeper. The ground territory was then visited, and the Brits had a good look in, Wood, however, sent the ball out, and operations were transferred to mid-field, where they were kept for some time. Runs and counter runs followed, each goal being visited in turn, but nothing was done, and half-time concluded: Aberdeen, 1 goal; Britannia, 0 goal.
In the second half, after a good deal of indiscriminate rushing, the Aberdeen left wing got hold of the ball, and centreing well, Christie kicked the second point for the ground team. Key now had a beautiful run from the centre of the ground to the Brits' goal, and had no difficulty in notching a third goal. Coming again, Key brought the leather up, and Allan scored. A fifth point was almost immediately thereafter got, Ketchen passing the ball to Key, who rushed it and goalkeeper through the uprights. Key got another goal, and just before time was called Ketchen notched other two, bringing the total to: Aberdeen, 8 goals; Britannia, 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 7th January 1889

Notwithstanding that a good deal of interest appeared to be manifested during the week in the Chanonry fixture, there was a very small turnout of spectators. This year the Aberdeen Club has been doing very indifferent business. Excepting special occasions, they have never drawn more than a few pounds at their matches, and as their expenses are rather heavy, it is not easily seen how they are to get ends to meet. By the way, for the first time, if we mistake not, this season, W. A. Key was absent from his place at back. He was missed too.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 10th January 1889

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