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AFC - Match Report
match report 1888-89 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup Semi Final 
The Aberdeen 6 - 1 Britannia
Kick Off:    W. S. Brown 4, McCann, Ketchen       Stalker  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
These clubs met at Chanonry in presence of a fair turnout of spectators. From the fact that a fortnight ago, in friendly competition, the ground team defeated the Brits by 8 to 0, and this, too, in the easiest possible fashion, there was no, great interest taken in the match, and it was expected that the Aberdeen men would, if in anything like form, repeat their previous performance. Britannia lost the toss, and Stalker kicked off against the wind, which was blowing rather strongly. For the first ten minutes the play was almost wholly confined to the Brits' ground, the Aberdeen pressing hotly; and, though on one or two occasions it looked as if business were to be done, the Brits' defence always proved sufficient to keep their goal intact. Play then became open, and while neither side had the advantage, the Aberdeen were showing superior combination. The Brits forwards put in a lot of hard work. A run up the field to the Aberdeen territory ended in a corner having to he conceded, but the advantage was not improved upon. The Brits, however, again pressed, and after a short tussle Stalker, the Brit centre forward, sent through a shot which defeated Wood. First goal for Britannia. Five minutes afterwards, the Aberdeen, having had several runs, got well down with the ball, and Lovie foolishly, as we think, running out to save, W. S. Brown got it past and rushed the leather between the posts. The game was thus equalised. Play by this time was thoroughly disorganised, and the number of petty disputes exceptionally large. The Brits had a disputed goal, which gave rise to some discussion, but the referee decided in favour of a corner. Half-time was shortly thereafter called, with the game standing: Aberdeen, 1 goal; Britannia, 1.
On the game being resumed, some fast play took place. Thomson passed to Ketchen, and that player shot easily number 2. Then McCann had an extraordinary kick from the 25 flag, which Lovie was unable to turn aside, and W. S. Brown followed in quick succession with other two points. Aberdeen may be said to have had the play during the second half entirely in their own hands, and never gave the Brits a moment's rest. Just before the whistle blew, W. S. Brown notched his fourth goal, and the game thus ended:- Aberdeen, 6 goals; Britannia, 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 21st January 1889

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  D. Wood; W. A. Key, A. Wood; B. McCann, J. Thomson, C. E. Glennie; T. R. Wood, C. Christie, T. Ketchen, A. Mitchell, W. S. Brown


Britannia Teamsheet:  G. Lovie; D. Duthie, C. Davidson; C. Clark, J. McKay, J. E. Milne; W. Smith, J. Clark, W. Stalker, W. Clark, P. Diack



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