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match report 1888-89 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup Final 
The Aberdeen 4 - 3 Orion
Kick Off:  3:30 PM   J. Key, Smith, ?, ?       Wood o.g., ? ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Victory for Aberdeen
The final round of the Aberdeenshire Cup Ties took place on Saturday in very disagreeable weather at Chanonry. The opposing teams were the Aberdeen and the Orion. The former, as is well known, are the present holders of the trophy which was presented to the Aberdeen Football Association by Dr Maitland Moir, and the great interest taken in the contest may be accounted for by the fact that the players are considered pretty equal in point of ability, and that the Orion, having this season already defeated the Aberdeen, bade fair, if not to carry off the cup, at least to give their opponents a stiff tussle for it. The preponderance of public opinion was undoubtedly in favour of the Orion. Notwithstanding the inclement weather, there was a large crowd of spectators - perhaps a larger number than has ever been assembled at Old Aberdeen on any previous occasion - and the excitement was great.

Both teams came upon the ground punctually at half past three, and were received with loud cheers by the spectators. No time was lost in starting, Aberdeen lost the toss and kicked off, and some amusement was at once caused by the number of men on both sides who were laid hors de combat by slipping on the extremely sloppy ground. McKay came off worst, his left side being covered with mud. In a few minutes, after several fouls, Aberdeen secured a corner, which however, came to nothing. from the kick-off the ball was put well up the field by J. Key, but, unfortunately, was sent behind. Aberdeen, who were pressing strenuously, made another attempt, the left wing spoiling what ought to have been an easy goal. Keen play ended in the ball being brought down to the Aberdeen territory, but the Orion though getting a corner, were unable to score. The home men then had a capital run up, and Jarvis missing his kick it looked as if Aberdeen were to have an easy thing. Ketchen, who had the ball at his feet, rushed it up, but falling a few yards from the goal mouth, Diack got the opportunity, which he seized, of clearing his lines. Aberdeen shortly afterwards got a corner, but it was not improved upon. Playing was made extremely difficult by the spongy, and therefore slippery state of the ground. The best work was being put in but the Aberdeen, but of neither team could it be said that they were showing that combination which is the sin qua non to effective work being done. Give and take play followed for the next five minutes, the ball being made to travel from goal to goal in quick succession. In one of the Orion excursions Wood, the Aberdeen goalkeeper, did admirable service to his side by fisting out a high swift shot which came from the left. From a corner Orion had a look in, but Wood saving the ball was got up field, and Smith centring J. Key kicked between the posts. First goal, amid great excitement, for Aberdeen. This good fortune had the effect of damping considerably the enthusiasm of the Orion supporters, who up to this time had been making themselves heard by approving cheers for their favourites. The Orion players themselves, however, were not disheartened, but continued to play with great dash and pluck, and on more than one occasion looked dangerous. The Aberdeen forwards and half-backs were at this time, as indeed all through, playing a very good game, Ketchen, at centre and Key on the left wing particularly distinguished themselves. The Orion forwards were also a fine lot, and put in some capital work. After a good deal of mid-field play, the Aberdeen again pressed, and made their opponents put forth all they knew to save. From a throw in from touch the pressure was relieved by the ball going behind. It cam again, however, and a stiff tussle took place right in front of the goal, which resulted in the ball being kicked behind. The Orion's team now came, and from a scrimmage was sent home, Wood, in attempting to save, heeling it through. Half-time was then called, the game standing, Aberdeen 2 goals Orion 1 goal.

On restarting, the leather was dribbled down to the Orion goal, but J. Key kicked wide. The Orion men then got up, but the ball got behind. Play at midfield ensued for a short time, after which the home team pressed, and Smith made a capital attempt at scoring, heading the ball behind the posts. Diack was called upon almost immediately afterwards to save, which he succeeded in doing amid cheers. Then followed a cornet to the Aberdeen, which was transferred into a goal, making the third point for the Chanonry players. From the kick off the Orion got a foul, and thereafter a couple of corners. In neither case was any advantage secured. For the next five minutes play was pretty equal, each team giving as good as they got. A couple of fouls were subsequently given against the Orion, and from one of these a fourth goal for Aberdeen was narrowly missed. Orion had then hard lines, McKay sending in a shot which reached the posts, but was kept from getting in by one of the Orion players slipping. The Aberdeen again got down, and as the result of some good passing work scored a fourth goal. The Orion next came away, and in a remarkably short time increased their score to 3, their play being characterised latterly by great dash. Now wanting the equalising point, they kept up the pressure, and in all likelihood would have succeeded in their object had it not been for an unfortunate accident. Wood, in picking up the ball when it was dangerously near the goal mouth, was charged by the Orion forwards, and sustained rather nasty injuries. This stopped play for a time, and spoilt the Orion's chance. No other scoring took place, and the game ended - Aberdeen 4 goals, and Orion 3.

Umpires: Jaffrey, Lorne

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 18th February 1889



On Saturday evening a smoking concert was held in the Queen's Rooms, Aberdeen, under the auspices of the Aberdeen Football Club, when the cup, presented by Dr Maitland Moir, contested for by the different teams of the association, was handed over to the victors, who, having gained it twice in succession, retain it as their own property. Dr Maitland Moir, president of the association, in handing over the cup, thanked the club for the honour they had done him in asking him to be present, and expressed the pleasure, he had in being associated with those who took part in such a manly and excellent game as football. The game was now practised with greater vigour than ever it was before in Aberdeen, and that, he thought, was a good augury for the future of their young men. A deal had been said for and against the game, and no doubt it was often attended with danger. Sometimes a player got a broken collar-bone, which was no doubt very vexing; but if they took the sport all over in Aberdeen, and considered the enormous number of clubs playing at the game as compared with those that went in for swimming, they would find fewer accidents and fewer deaths connected with football than they would find connected with swimming. (Applause.) He did not think anything could be more against the interests of footba1l than rough play. Referring to the difficulties which umpires had to contend with, he said they should be very firm in their decision, which ought to be received as final and with good grace by players on both sides. (Applause.) The keenest matches, he thought had been those between the Orion and the Aberdeen clubs. These contests had come off, and still it had not been settled which club was the better, although there was no doubt that the Aberdeen team had gained the day so far as the cup was concerned. (Applause.) There were other clubs coming up, and, if he might be allowed to say it he thought the Black Diamond Club was progressing very well. (Applause.), Referring to the recent international match, Dr Moir expressed the hope that on some future occasion the gentlemen taken to represent Scotland might include players from Aberdeen. (Applause.) He then handed the cup to Mr J.[sic] Ketchen, the captain of the team, and proceeded to present the various members of the eleven with silver badges. Mr Ketchen, on behalf of the team, returned thanks, and expressed his satisfaction at the support and encouragement which had been extended towards the club during the past year. Songs were contributed by, various members of the company and a number of toasts were pledged. These included "The Aberdeen Football Club," proposed by Mr T. Moir, and responded to by Mr Ketchen; "The Aberdeen Football Association" by Mr Charles Glennie, and acknowledged by Mr Jaffrey, secretary; "Rugby Football" by Mr Robert Hislop, and replied to by Mr C. W Sleigh. Before the company broke up, Dr Maitland Moir intimated that he intended next year to present a trophy to the individual member of the Association who proved himself most dexterous and was oftenest on the winning side. (Applause.)

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 25th April 1889

The crowd at Chanonry on Saturday to see the final cup tie between the Aberdeen v. Orion was one of the largest gatherings ever seen at a football match in Aberdeen. The Orion were the favourites with the crowd, and played with great dash and combination, but the Aberdeen were too strong for them and carried off the cup by 4 goals to 3. The ground was wet and heavy and very unsuitable for a brilliant exhibition. Altogether the combination of the Orion was better than that of their opponents, but individually they were weaker. J. Key excelled himself, evidently the heavy ground suited him and his work was brilliantly executed. We congratulate the Aberdeen on their well-earned victory.

Source: Northern Figaro, 23rd February 1889

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  D. Wood; W. A. Key, A. Wood; McCann, Thomson, Glennie; Smith, Mitchell, Ketchen, J. M. Key, Brown


Orion Teamsheet:  Diack; Fettes, Jarvis; Milne, McKay, Ewan; Fyfe, Glaog, A. Whitehead, F. Whitehead, Irvine


Referee: Mr. Strachan, Montrose

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