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AFC - Match Report
match report 1888-89 fixture list
Orion 4 - 4 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:  3:30 PM   ?       ?, Brown, Clark, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
Teams representing the above clubs met in a friendly match at Central Park in presence of a large crowd. The wind was rather strong and gust for good play, but otherwise the weather was all that could be desired. The keenest interest was taken in the game. Aberdeen lost the toss, and kicked off against the wind. it was almost a physical impossibility to get the ball up the field, and as a consequence operations may be said to have been almost wholly confined to the Aberdeen territory. Once or twice the Chanonry men got within reach of their opponents' goal, and on one occasion they ought to have scored, but as a rule they had to display defensive tactics. For fully twenty minutes the Orion were successfully kept in check, but at the end of that time, from a throw in, the ball got between the posts, Wood running out to save and missing. Other three points were got in the first half, one of the goals being a very doubtful affair.
With only four goals against them, it was confidently expected that the Aberdeen, with the powerful wind to back them, would do more than equalise. Fortune favoured them at the start, the priod being only two minutes old when an opening was secured. Continuing the pressure, W. S. Brown got through a second point. Some of the kicking was very erratic, but in this respect matters improved somewhat on the wind moderating. Clark scored a beauty about twenty minutes from the finish, and a fourth was notched with ten minutes to go. The play then became extremely keen, Aberdeen trying hard to get the winning goal. Once or twice they had hard lines, luck being dead against them. When the whistle blew the scores stoof: Aberdeen, 4; Orion 4. Both teams did excellent work, and there could not be said to have been a weak man on the field.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 18th March 1889

Orion Teamsheet:  J. Diack; J. McKay (c), J. M. Jarvis; A. Milne, J. McKenzie, J. Ewen; W. Fyfe, W. Gloag, A. Morrison, F. Whitehead, T. Irvine


The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  D. Wood; W. A. Key, A. Wood; B. McCann, W. Argo, J. Thomson; J. Smith, C. Christie, T. Ketchen, J. M. Key, A. Clark



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