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match report 1888-89 fixture list
Benefit Match 
Orion 4 - 9 Dundee Wanderers
Kick Off:  2:15 PM   Borthwick, Fyfe, ?, Borthwick       Shepherd, From Scrimmage, Burgess, Shepherd, Shepherd, Langlands, Langlands, ?, Langlands  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
The Dundee Wanderers, who have held the Charity Cup for the past two years, met the Orion at Central Park on Saturday in excellent weather, and in presence of a large crowd of spectators. The ground, unfortunately, was very soft. Both teams represented the strength of the two clubs. The match started at. 2:15 prompt.
Orion won the toss and the strangers kicked off uphill. The ball was at once taken to the Orion territory but was as quickly returned. The subsequent play resulted in a corner to the Wanderers, which, however, came to nothing. The game for about ten minutes afterwards was pretty equal, neither side gaining special advantage. Off a run up the field Shepherd succeeded in shooting a good goal for the strangers. About a minute thereafter a scrimmage took place in front of the home team's posts, and resulted in another point for the strangers. The Dundee team up till this point were playing with much tact, and their speed was decidedly superior to that shown by the Aberdeen men. The home team, by combined play, succeeded in taking the ball down the field into the strangers' territory, and Fyfe, getting a hold of the leather, ought to have succeeded in scoring, but he waited too long in shooting and kicked wide. The ball was immediately returned up the field, and the Orion's goal was again in danger. At one point the Dundee forwards had the ball immediately in front of the posts, but the home team's backs made an excellent save, and nothing came of it. The Aberdeen men immediately retaliated, their forwards rushing the ball right in front of the strangers' goal, and a most exciting scrimmage resulted, but the Dundee backs, when called upon, proved equal to the occasion, and once more the leather was again in dangerous proximity to the home team's goal. After about twenty minutes play Ewen had an excellent throw- in from touch about thirty yards from the goal, and Borthwick, with a good shot, scored the first goal for the home team. A few seconds afterwards the Aberdeen men again came to the front, and out of an exciting tussle Fyfe succeeded in getting the ball through amidst the cheers of the spectators, thus equalising the game. The strangers were not to be denied, however, and within a minute afterwards they had the ball up the field, and the left forward, Burgess, scored. Two minutes thereafter the Dundee men were again to the front and, following up their previous success, put another point to their credit, Shepherd doing the needful. From this up till the whistle blew, announcing half time, the play was of an uninteresting nature, and the match stood: Wanderers. 4 goals; Orion, 2 goals.

At the commencement of the second half the Dundee team, with the ground in their favour, at once had the ball into their opponents' territory, and after two attacks Shepherd managed to put on a fifth goal for his team. This was followed by another goal for the strangers, the ball being cleverly sent through by Langlands. Some additional excitement was lent to the game through a corner in favour of the Orion, but they failed to make anything of it. The strangers again put on pressure, and Langlands succeeded in raising the strangers' score to seven. The home team now played with pluck and energy, and gave the Dundee team some very hot work, their goal being repeatedly peppered, and out of a tussle the Orion forwards succeeded in raising their score to three goals. Returning with redoubled energy to their task, the efforts of the Aberdeen men were again rewarded with success, the ball this time being forced through by Borthwick. Out of a foul in front of the home team?s posts Langlands registered the ninth and final goal for the Wanderers. The match thus ended: Dundee Wanderers, 9 goals; Orion, 4 goals.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 8th April 1889

The ground at Central Park was very soft; but it must be confessed that the south men bad decidedly the best of the game with the Orion all through. In the first half better things might have been expected of the Orion forwards, considering they bad the ground in their favour, but somehow or other they appeared to be quite out of touch with each other, and no brilliant play was shown. The Dundee combination, however, played with much spirit, the play of Langlands (half-back), and Shepherd (forward) being especially noteworthy. The defence of their backs was also good. In the second half the home team improved considerably in their play, and at some points gave a display of fine combination. For over five minutes in the last quarter of an hour of the game the home forwards kept peppering away at their opponents' posts until they succeeded in putting on two goals. None of the home team showed any brilliant play. The match resulted in a win for the Wanderers by 9 goals to 4.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 10th April 1889

Orion Teamsheet:  Diack; McKenzie, Jarvis; Milne, McKay, Ewan; Fyfe, Kelly, Borthwick, Whitehead, Irvine


Dundee Wanderers Teamsheet:  Whitton; Tosh, Davidson; Wishart, McMahon, Langlands; Shepherd, Gray, Robb, Burgess, Duncan



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