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AFC - Match Report
match report 1888-89 fixture list
Dundee Strathmore 8 - 2 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Dickson,?, Anderson, McNaughton, ?, Dickson, Fro scrimmage, Dickson       Kaye 2  
Attendance: 0
Played at Dundee. The strangers were the first to attack, but relief was soon got and Matthew muddled an easy chance. Desultory play followed, and the first bit of good play was shown by the Aberdeen right wing man, who dodged his way well east, but his pass was not taken advantage of. Play was of a give-and-take nature for the next twenty minutes, both goals being often in jeapordy, but Kaye drew first blood. The north men thereafter gave their opponents some trouble, and Peebles was called on to fist out a good shot. Thereafter the stripes pressed for a bit, but the shooting, which had hitherto been of the most wretched description, showed no improvement. After a brief spell of defensive work the stripes again attacked, and Dickson was the means of equalising. This success seemed to put new life in the game, and after a few minutes' hard pressing the home team notched a second goal. The Aberdonians now had another shie, but failed, and immediately afterwards Anderson put on a third goal for the Strathie. Frequently the strangers made attempts to get away, but in this they failed, the defence being rather strong for them. McNaughton took the fourth goal for the home team, and five minutes from the close a fifth was scored. Just on call of time Dickson shot through a sixth point, and the first half ended: Strathmore, 6; Aberdeen,1.
On resuming the Aberdonians were the first to score, Kaye doing the needful. Play thereafter improved, and became fast and exciting. Out of the scrimmage the home team scored a seventh point. Every encouragement was given the Aberdonians by the crowd, and they worked well, but experienced hard lines. The strangers' goalkeeper performed some fine saving work, but near the close he failed to catch a fast one, headed in by Dickson, and a pleasant game ended: Strathmore, 8; Aberdeen, 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 29th April 1889

N.B. The Aberdeen scorer may have been "J. Key" as Kaye is there is no other mention of a "Kaye" playing for the Aberdeen.
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