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AFC - Match Report
match report 1888-89 fixture list
Elgin Rangers 1 - 11 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    ?       Christie, T. Wood, Smith, Brown, T. Wood, Brown, Brown, T. Wood, Brown, ?, ?  
Attendance: 0
The Aberdeen eleven journeyed to Elgin yesterday and played off their fixture with the Rangers. Pleasant weather favoured the game, and there was a large crowd, not a few being excursionists from the Granite City. Neither of the teams showed its best talent - indeed the home lot was considered by those in a position to judge extremely weak.<.br> The Rangers won the toss, and Aberdeen kicked off against the wind; but with the sun at their backs. They at once took the ball in hand, and from a throw-in from touch by Glennie, Christie headed through an extremely soft goal. They came again from the kick-off, but this time Martin was on the alert, and managed with little difficulty to clear his lines. Aberdeen again closed round, and some hot work was exhibited. Rather wild kicking allowed the Rangers to get the sphere down field, but a good chance of scoring was stupidly spoilt by the ball being sent about fifteen yards wide of the posts. The Rangers must at this point get the credit of playing with considerable spirit, but it is a pity they do not practice a better passing and combination game. A foul at goal mouth against the Rangers came to nothing, and a corner immediately following, Clark placed admirably; the ball, however, was got rid of. T. Wood next had a splendid kick, which, in direct line with the posts, unfortunately went over the crossbar. The almost continuous pressure kept up by the Aberdeen began to tell on their opponents, whose defence became every moment weaker, and at last T. Wood got an opening, and kicked through number two. A few minutes afterwards, a well-directed kick from the left wing enabled Smith to notch the third point. A wild shot by "Morley" who sent the ball dancing into an adjoining ploughed field, brought down on his head the boisterous mirth of the spectators. From another capital throw-in by Glennie, Brown scored a fourth goal, and T. Wood scored a fifth. Just on the call of time the scores then stood: Aberdeen, 5; Rangers, 0.

The game was resumed with Glennie at goal - D. Wood partnering Ketchen at back. Without loss of time the Rangers had again to concede, to Brown, who notched his third goal; and Smith a few minutes afterwards, put the ball again in his way and he (Brown) headed through a seventh point. Clark had the goal at his mercy, but kicked behind. T. Wood then sent through the eighth goal with a lovely kick, and Brown came once again with the ninth. After a time of fruitless play during which Aberdeen had several looks-in, the Rangers' right wing shot for goal, and Glennie missing his kick in his attempt to save, the leather rolled - nay, doled - through. First point for the Rangers. They pressed again, and the Aberdeen men had enough to do, to save; afterwards a run up by the strangers resulted in a tenth point being scored. Just as the whistle blew Aberdeen added to their total, the game thus resulting in an easy win for the Granite City representatives by 11 goals to 1 goal. The game was limited to two,35's.

Source: Aberdeen Journal,7th May 1889

Elgin Rangers Teamsheet:  Martin; Elder, Fraser; Morrison, Bain, Randal; Anderson, H. W. Mennie, A. Logie, J. Bain, Murray


The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  D. Wood; G. Wood, T. Ketchen; Glennie, Argo, McKay; Smith, Christie, T. Wood, W. S. Brown, Clark



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