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match report 1889-90 fixture list
Orion 1 - 10 Forfar Athletic
Kick Off:  4:00 PM   Gloag       Mann, Cable, Anderson, Dundas, Anderson, Dundas, Anderson, Dundas, Dundas, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
The Orion opened their season on Saturday at Central Park, Aberdeen, by a match with Forfar Athletic, and suffered defeat by 10 goals to 1. The weather being favourable, there was a large number of spectators present to encourage the local men, whose team is considerably different from last year. Orion kicked off down the hill, but were checked in front of goal. Forfar retaliated, and from a long kick by Dundas, the ball was sent by Anderson into goal, but went past. Jopp was cheered for a tricky run down, but nothing resulted. Owing to some dallying by Foote as back, Dundas got up the field, and narrowly missed scoring; and then Williams, who was playing a much better game than his comrade, breasted out a sure shot. Orion rallied, and Evans had to fist out, and Diack had to do ditto. Orion again came down, and Gloag sent in a shot that yielded a corner, but the Forfar forwards started a pretty passing run the length of the field, and were only thwarted on the goal line, chiefly by Williams' exertions. From a throw-in the ball went through Forfar goal, but, as no one had touched it, nothing was counted. Forfar then ran up, and scored their first point from the right, Mann slipping the ball through. Diack next fisted out one from Christie. The ball, however, came back on the left, and Diack let in a very soft shot of Cable's, making the second goal to the strangers within twenty minutes. Orion left wing got down, and Lindsay saved thrice, but Gloag missed a good chance of scoring by sending the ball the wrong side of the goal-post. Forfar, though playing uphill, did most of the pressing but on one occasion Orion's outside right winger sent wide with an open goal. Directly afterwards Forfar came again, and the ball, after bobbing about, was sent through by Anderson for the third time. The hopes of the Orion's supporters were reward by a good drive from Jopp that seemed to take effect, and a cheer was raised, but the ball had gone past the side. From a corner kick, placed by Cable, Dundas headed through the fourth goal, and directly afterward, by a smart screw kick overhead, Anderson added a fifth, and in less than a minute later Dundas still further bettered the account by kicking a sixth. Half-time was then called.

Forfar, with the hill in their favour, opened a bombardment of Orion's goal that continued with little intermission till the close of the game. Lyon, from left half-back, sent in a long low shot, which Diack ran out to, but missed an easy kick, and Anderson had nothing to do but run through the seventh goal. Cable gave the finishing touch to another from a pretty run of the whole forward rank, but it was disallowed for offside. The Orion forwards responded by an equally good raid up the hill, but they were foiled at the final attempt by Evans, who in the nick of time kicked down the field. From a scrimmage Dundas soured number eight. Jarvis made a good attempt for the Orion, and managed to get close on goal, but was there knocked off the ball, and then Diack made two good saves that redeemed to a small extent his previous bad form, but within two minutes later Dundas bad added a ninth, and one of the Forfar half-backs a tenth goal. Mann breasted through another, but it was disallowed for a foul. Up till this stage Forfar had simply made rings round their opponents but eight minutes before time the Orion began, though rather late in the day, to try some vigorous kicking. Their left wing got away, and Gloag, and Jarvis between them managed to scrimmage through the first and only point for their aide, Gloag giving the finishing touch. This inspired the Orion considerably. Jarvis started another smart run, but Whitehead bungled an easy chance at goal, and then Evans fisted out a second effort. Orion kept up the pressure till just on the call of time when Forfar broke away, and the whistle was blown with the ball in Orion territory. Diack played rather poorly in goal, and is greatly responsible for the crushing defeat. Of the others, Williams at back, Mackay at half-back, and Jarvis (and latterly Gloag) in front, were the most successful. It is evident that the Orion must practice hard if they mean to show to advantage this season. The Forfar team played an effective and occasionally a pretty game, especially when their combined runs were in progress.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 19th August 1889

I fear I cannot give a great deal of praise to the Orion's defence of the play by the Forfar Athletic last Saturday. The match was, altogether, a queer mixture of good combination and rather inferior ditto. There is no doubt that with more practice the Orion will yet show better science and more staying power, and we have always to fall back upon the fact that there is the nucleus of a first-rate team in the club. I hope their future career will bear me out in my notions regarding them.

Source: Northern Figaro, 24th August 1889

Orion Teamsheet:  Diack; Foote, Willians' Ewan, Mackay, Baird; Fyfe, Gloag, Jarvis, Whitehead, Jopp


Forfar Athletic Teamsheet:  Evans; Stormouth, Lindsay; Brown, Christie,Lyon; Anderson, Mann, Dundas, Lamont, Cable


Referee: Mr J. N. Melville

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