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match report 1889-90 fixture list
Orion 7 - 5 Coupar Angus
Kick Off:    Jopp, Jopp, Baird, Jopp, Mundin,Jopp, Thomson       Hood, Reid, Donaldson, Donaldson, Reid  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
A match between these clubs was played at Central Park, Aberdeen, before a big attendance of spectators. Orion played two men different from the previous Saturday, Marshall taking Mackay's place at half-back, and Thomson partnering Gloag. Orion started to play downhill, and for a time the game was equal, chances being obtained at both goals, but on two occasions Orion broke away. The second time Thomson sent the ball across goal from the right, and in less than ten minutes from the start Jopp easily scored the first goal of the game for Orion. Baird next sent in a quick drive that barely missed taking effect, but Coupar-Angus got off, and Diack nearly incurred disaster by missing an easy kick. Orion continued, however, to hold an advantage, playing better together than against Forfar, and having occasional shies at goal. One of these, which again came from the right, landed at Jopp's foot, and he scored a second point, while in less than a minute later Baird added a third by a long kick from the left, and from the kick-off Baxter was forced to kick behind. The crowd were enthusiastic at the success of their favourites. The strangers' passing at this stage was ill-timed, but they got away with their left wing, and Williams granted a corner, the ball from which was well put in, but Diack fisted out. The pressure was only momentary, as Orion again came down and Jopp distinguished himself by scoring quickly with a cross kick from the left. A few minutes later Mundin beaded through a fifth, but in doing so was grassed by one of the Angus backs, and got the right arm dislocated at the, elbow. By this unfortunate accident Mundin was obliged to leave the field. Half time was called.

Orion played the second half with only ten men. Jarvis leaving his centre position to play outside left, while Jopp took the inside place, against their weakened opponents, and with the help of the hill, the visitors did better. Diack twice fisted out dangerous shots, but Hood, the Coupar centre, found an opening, and directly afterward, Reid scored a second goal for the visitors. Neither of these was a remarkably difficult shot to tackle. The star of Coupar continued in the ascendancy. From a foul a few yards in front of goal, Donaldson drove home the third goal, and, within two minutes later, from the midst of a close scrimmage, he smartly kicked a fourth. The tide of victory was then turned by Jopp, who let fly from quarter field, and the ball rolled through more by luck than good guidance. Coupar retaliated, and, getting to close quarters, Reid increased their total to 6, so that they again stood only one down. Jarvis was romping rather freely from side to aide of the forward rank, but he had hard lines in seeing a swift slanting ball fisted out by Coutts. Some give and take play followed, but Orion once more made a smart incursion, and Thomson beat the backs and scored a clever goal amid cheers. Play during the last fifteen minutes of the game was vigorous but quite devoid of method. Just on the finish, Diack held and cleared the ball safely, and the game ended with Orion's first win this season 7 goals to 5.
Jopp scored four of the goals for his side but two of the four were off well placed cross passes by Thomson, who had also one goal to his own credit. Every man in the Orion team worked hard and also well together, until the loss of Mundin upset the combination. They recovered sufficiently, after the visitors had secured four goals to score twice uphill, but again lost their heads somewhat just before the finish. Allowing for these blemishes, no fault could be found with the forwards, who passed coolly and accurately, and were commendably unselfish with the ball. The half-back line tackled well, and also Foote at back. The visitors exhibited poor form, but were especially weak at back. It may be stated that Mundin's injured arm was dressed by Dr Crow, and will probably be healed within a few days.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 26th August 1889

The Orion gave the Coupar-Angus boys rather an eye-opener on Saturday at Central Park. I don't doubt but the Southerners considered they had a fine soft thing on, but the Orion fairly took away their wind. When I say so, however, I hope I may not be misunderstood - it was not altogether by the excellence of the Orion's play that they won the match, although that was by no means to be despised. They certainly made a much better all-round appearance than did the Coupar-Angus team, and this too minus a man during the latter part of the game. Mundin, poor chap, was just beginning to show what he could do when he had the misfortune to fall and get his arm dislocated at the elbow. In front Gloag and Jopp were making the most of it, and the half-backs were remarkably well in it. Baird was my fancy, and his goal from mid-field was a gem. The game finished: Orion, 7; Coupar-Angus, 5.

Source: Northern Figaro, 31st August 1889

Orion Teamsheet:  Diack; Foote, Williams; Ewen, Marshall, Baird; Thomson, Gloag, Jarvis, Mundin


Coupar Angus Teamsheet:  Coutts; J. Forbes, J. W. Baxter; T. Butter, J. Donaldson, G. Whitton; J. Glidders, J. Reid, W. Hood, T. Fyfe, F. Duncan



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