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match report 1889-90 fixture list
Orion 3 - 3 Dundee Wanderers
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Jarvis, Jarvis, Ewan        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
The Central Park Club engaged the Dundee Wanderers at their ground at Kittybrewster on Saturday. Despite the many counter attractions, there was a big gate. The weather, too, was favourable. Each club put forward its best team.
The Wanderers won the toss, and elected to play down the field and with the wind. They at once stormed, and, though at first they failed to effect an entrance, in less than ten minutes, as the result of a hot scrimmage at the goal mouth, a start was made in scoring. Five minutes or so afterwards, a second point was notched by the Wanderers, who subsequently essayed a third, which was spoilt by McBain getting on to the ball, and sending it bounding up the field out of danger. During the next few minutes, each end was visited several times alternately. Ultimately, the Wanderers fouled, and from the kick the sphere was passed to Jarvis, who easily put it through. First goal for Orion. The home men had another try which looked a sure thing, but Goodwin was on the alert, and catching the ball in his bands in line with the posts be threw out. The leather was seized again, however, by the Orion half-backs, and, being passed to Jopp, that player dribbled past his opponents till within fifteen yards of the Wanderers' citadel. He then kicked for home, but the ball went wide, Jopp had a second unsuccessful chance a minute afterwards. Nothing further was done in the first half, which ended with the Wanderers one up.
During the second period nearly all the pressure was made by the Orion. In one of their sallies - which was characterised by much dash and energy - McKay had the ball passed to him. He shot for goal, but his kick was "muffed." Jarvis got hold of it, and sent it very neatly between the posts, thus equalising the game. McKay had again the Wanderers' goal at his mercy, but this time he put too much force into his kick, the ball being "skied" over the cross bar. A few minutes afterwards the best goal of the game was taken by Ewan. That player, standing fully forty yards from the Wanderers' goal, sent a very swift thing down field. Goodwin failed to catch, and the result was a third point for the Orion, a piece of play which gave rise to considerable excitement, as it placed the locals in the ascendant. Jarvis narrowly missed increasing the total. It was now the Wanderers' chance. Gray, on the left, had a nice dribble, ending in placing the leather right in front of the home citadel. McBain caught it with his head, but instead of reversing the direction, he unfortunately, knocked the ball nearer his own goal mouth. The ball was caught up by McQueer, who knocked it through with little trouble. This success seemed to have the effect of arousing the Wanderers to redoubled exertions. Once or twice they looked very dangerous, but the defence was too good for them, and their efforts were invariably repulsed. The Orion, too, looked several times like scoring, and on two particular occasions they had decidedly hard lines. The game ended in a. draw: Orion, 3 ; Wanderers, 3. The form of the ground team showed marked improvement. On the other hand, the Wanderers did not play nearly so well as on the occasion of their last visit. Their forwards were weak; Tosh and Hogg at back, however, did good service; and Goodwin saved well at goal.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 16th September 1889

At Central Park matters did not turn out as I expected, but the result was not by any means disappointing. This is perhaps to be accounted for from the fact of changes having taken place in the Wanderers team, but all the same the Orion displayed considerable pluck and some good play as well. The visitors kicked off downhill, and it seemed as if the ground team were to have hard lines pretty well all through the first half. When ends were changed however, it was at once apparent that two teams could play downhill, and that the Orion was to come out the better of the two. Yet, notwithstanding their game-ness, the Orion boys several times had hard lines, and narrowly escaped scoring more than once. The last half-hour was a fast and exciting part, and the game ended in a draw - Orion 3; Wanderers 3.
The Wanderers did not show up so well as they did last year; while the Orion were decidedly in front of anything they have yet done in showing the science of the game.

Source: Northern Figaro, 21st September 1889

Orion Teamsheet:  Diack; Foote, McBain; Ewan, Mackay, Baird; Fyfe, Gloag, Jarvis, Mundie, Jopp


Dundee Wanderers Teamsheet:  Goodwin; Tosh, Hogg; Lewis, Dey, Davidson; Shepherd, Hunter, Milne, McQueer, Gray


Referee: J. N. Melville

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