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match report 1889-90 fixture list
The Aberdeen 5 - 0 Dunfermline Athletic
Kick Off:  3:30 PM   Key, Whitehead, Smith, Key, Brown        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Played at Chanonry in presence of a large crowd. The strangers, having lost the toss, kicked off, when the local men at once invaded and secured a corner, from which Brown narrowly missed scoring, a foul being given against the Athletic. Whitehead unfortunately kicked wide, and the ball, after being taken downfield, was run up again and sent behind. Afterwards the Aberdeen secured a corner, and Whitehead centering better this time Key headed the ball through. Two misses were then made - Whitehead having first hard lines, and Key following with a beauty of a shot, which, however, struck the cross bar and fell behind. Key came again a few minutes afterwards, but Cree at goal saved smartly. Before half-time Smith had a fine dribble, and passing to Whitehead that player notched a second point.
In the second half the Athletic forced the play, which throughout was fast, and at times inclined to be rough. The strangers made gallant efforts to score, but the Aberdeen defence was too strong - Wood's goalkeeping being of superior excellence - and they were always successfully repulsed. Smith took the third goal - rushing Cree through along with the ball - Key from a foul kicked the fourth, and Brown notched a fifth. The match ended: Aberdeen 5, Dunfermline 0. The locals had the best of the play throughout. All the players did excellently well, W. S. Brown and Whitehead, along with D. Wood, giving a particularly fine exhibition. The Athletic forwards, with the exception of the outside-right, were poor; the backs, however, were a capable lot.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 7th October 1889

The game at Chanonry on Saturday, Dunfermline Athletic v. Aberdeen, was a most interesting one in many respects. As I have been endeavouring to point out for some time, the Aberdeen are really working themselves up into the position of a first-class team. This, too, notwithstanding the covert sneers of "critics" who know better! They showed on Saturday that they knew something of combination, and that was more than their opponents did. Indeed, the Athletic lost their heads more than once, and used their feet - well not always on the ball. It seemed to me that their game was to "go for the man", and if that was so they played a decidedly good game! Wood left no available space for the Athletics to get a ball through his goal. His play was really capital. But, the whole Aberdeen team did well, McVey, W. S. Brown, and A. Whitehead more especially. Cree, the goal-keeper, and the right-wing man of the Athletics played first-rate as individuals, the goal-keeper especially saving very smartly more than once. The game finished:- ABERDEEN, 5; DUNFERMLINE, 0.

Source: Northern Figaro, 12th October 1889

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  D. Wood; Ketchen, A. Wood; McVey, Argo, Thomson; Smith, Christie, Key, W. S. Brown, A. Whitehead


Dunfermline Athletic Teamsheet:  Cree; Ross, Murphy; Wood, Carehill, Dewar; Bruce, Lowrie, Lyon, Macleod, Murray



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