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AFC - Match Report
match report 1889-90 fixture list
The Aberdeen 2 - 4 Dundee Strathmore
Kick Off:    Smith, ?       Ketchen (o.g.), Mitchell, ?, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Played at Chanonry, Aberdeen, in disagreeably wet weather. The fixture had lent to it an additional interest from the fact that the Strathmore' were last week defeated by the Forfar Athletics' who will engage with the Aberdeen in the third round of the Scottish Cup ties on Saturday first. Strathmore lost the toss, and accordingly kicked off against a slight wind. They, however, got past the Aberdeen forwards and invaded. A foul wall given against the ground team near their own goal and matters looked the reverse of encouraging, but they managed to clear, and the ball was passed to the right wing. Smith there got hold of it, and kicked a long: and swift shot which took effect. Strathmore then went down the field, and after some clever play on both sides, a corner was got by the strangers. The leather was well placed, and an exciting scrimmage occurred. Aberdeen cleared their lies. The strangers, however, lost no time in renewing their attack, but though they peppered away in dangerous proximity to the goal their efforts at this juncture proved resultless. Key then had a good try for Aberdeen. Strathmore then once more invaded, and a hot tussle ended in their getting a decidedly flukey goal, the ball being sent through off Ketchen. Hard play followed of a give-and-take character, but ultimately Mitchell scored the second point for his side. Two or three close things for Aberdeen followed, Smith sending in some demon shots, which it required all the skill of Gilruth (the Strathmore goalkeeper) to turn aside. Half- time ended in the strangers being a goal up.
Restarting the Dundee men showed the way to the goal mouth, the recording of their third point being almost immediately afterwards followed by a second from Aberdeen. Wanting only one to equalise matters, the locals played up gamely, with good Judgment and commendable skill. For the greater part of the second half they were never long away from their opponents' citadel; indeed, so persistent and so continuous was the siege kept up, and so many capital chances offered themselves, that it was very surprising that the Aberdeen men did not play havoc with Gilruth. At the critical moment, however, they failed. Strathmore got a fourth goal, and at the conclusion of the game, which was one of two half hours, the scores were: Strathmore, 4; Aberdeen, 2. The Aberdeen team all did well, but it was evident that W. S. Brown was missed.

Source: Aberdeen Journal. 14th October 1889

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  D. Wood; Ketchen, A. Wood; McVey, Argo, Thomson; Smith Christie, Key, Clark, A. Whitehead


Dundee Strathmore Teamsheet:  Gilruth; Mason, Simpson (c); McLaren, Lyall, Stivens; McGrigor, Phimister, Matthew, Mitchell, Monro



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