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match report 1889-90 fixture list
The Aberdeen 2 - 4 Dundee Wanderers
Kick Off:    Key, Key        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
This match was played at Chanonry before a fair turnout of spectators. Aberdeen kicked off against the wind with ten men, Christie being the absentee. The game was only a few minutes old when the local men besieged the Dundonian goal, and a swift shot was neatly fisted out, but Key, coming up with a rush, sent the ball home again, with the result that it went between the posts. The Wanderers were shortly afterwards given a foul, and the leather being well placed, was knocked through from a scrimmage, thus equalising matters. Aberdeen, from the kick-off at mid-field, got up again. Some hot pressing took place, the ball being repeatedly sent to the goalkeeper, whose defence was admirable. In one of these forays a corner had to be conceded, from which, however, nothing resulted. A period of slack play followed, the Wanderers having if anything the best of it. They had several throw-ins dangerously near the Aberdeen goal, and from one of these the outside left man notched a clever second point. A third goal quickly succeeded, Aberdeen next experienced hard lines, a fine kick by Smith making the ball strike the cross-bar and fall behind. No further scoring took place in the first half. In the second the Wanderers early scored a soft thing, and from that time till within a few minutes of the end nothing effective was done. The Wanderers had far and away the best of the play. The Aberdeen combination never gave a weaker exhibition, their forwards and half-backs being thoroughly demoralised. Flaws was not a good substitute for Ketchen, and better things might have been done had Whitehead and Christie been on the field. Aberdeen having scored a few minutes from time, the match - which was one of two 35's - ended in the victory of the Wanderers by 4 goals to 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal. 16th December 1889



"When things are at their worst they begin to mend" it is said, and the most charitable view that can be entertained of the present condition of the Aberdeen Club is that, having played on Saturday as badly as it is well-nigh possible for any combination to do, an improvement should now take place. Their recent appearances have been most disappointing. Since the Forfar Athletic match their form has slowly but surely degenerated, and at the Montrose and Dundee Wanderers events it fairly reached a climax, practically the whole eleven playing like veritable novices of the game. The "Gable-endies" they ought to have defeated by something like 6 goals to 3; the Dundee Wanderers were a decidedly inferior lot - although on Saturday they did exceptionally well (for them) - and yet they were beaten fairly on their merits, be it remembered, by 2 goals. What pride, Aberdonians ever had in the Chanonry men has of late suffered dreadfully. It is now being driven home to the football-loving public that after all Aberdeen has made little real progress in the science of the game, for although the successes which were gained at the beginning of the season were very gratifying, the reverses since sustained far outweigh them.


has not been seen at Chanonry this season. It deserves to stand out for all time coming as a specimen of muddling of the first rank. The Aberdeen men seemed to be capable of doing nothing for themselves, and to have made up their minds to lend their opponents a hand on every critical occasion. Next to the half-backs, the forwards were the least to be adŽmired; each played for himself, with the, of course, inevitable result that when opportunities did occur they were either missed or spoilt. This leads to the concluding remark that the victory of the Dundonians was in every respect deserved, as with the exception of a part of the second half they put in the best work.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 19th December 1889

These teams met at Chanonry. The Aberdeen played about twenty minutes with ten men, and H. Flaws, A. Clark, and M. Campbell substituted Ketchen, Whitehead, and Christie. In the Wanderers' team were seen East End and Strathmore players. The Wanderers, losing the toss, had to play with the wind against them. The Aberdeen at once invaded, but nothing serious took place. About five minutes after the start McVay and Smith took the ball well up the field, the latter sending in a beauty, but Gilruth saved by placing it at Key's foot, who drew blood first. The Wanderers scored their first point from a foul off Thomson, who was seen playing the worst game he has done this season. A second was registered by the outside left, who had looked dangerous once or twice before, and before half time they succeeded in adding a third. The Aberdeen were playing anything but a good game. During the second half the Wanderers had the best of it until the last ten minutes when the Aberdeen began to press, and resulted in Key sending in a swift shot, which went between the posts. The Wanderers added one during this half through Brown (Aberdeen) sending the leather out of his custodian's way. The game thus ended in favour of the Dundee Wanderers by 4 to 2.

Source: Northern Figaro, 21st December 1889

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