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match report 1889-90 fixture list
The Aberdeen 2 - 5 Partick Thistle
Kick Off:  2:30 PM   Farnworth, McVey        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
The Partick Thistle brought their New Year tour to a close on Saturday by playing the Aberdeen at Chanonry. Owing to rain, the ground was rather soft. The Aberdeen won the toss, and, kicking off, immediately pressed. After ten minutes' play Johnstone scored a goal for the south team. After the kick off the locals kept the Glasgow team in their own ground, and if their forwards had taken advantage of the chances offered they would have scored once or twice. In the subsequent play Farnworth sent in a grand shot which McCorquindale failed to stop, thus equalising the game. In turn the Thistle had a combined run up the field, and Paul narrowly missed scoring. The Chanonry defence then had an anxious time of it, and Veitch had to save shots from Proudfoot and Paul. The Partick men next had a corner, which was well placed, and out of a scrimmage a second point was got. The Aberdeen then had a foul near the Thistle goal, but the southerners managed to clear. From a good run up the field by Drummond, Hill added a third goal for the strangers. In less than five minutes afterwards McVey scored for the Chanonry men. Soon after half-time was called, the game standing: Thistle, 3 goals; Aberdeen, 2 goals.
The visitors reopened well. For fully a quarter of an hour they kept up an incessant siege of the Aberdeen goal, but Veitch spoiled all their efforts to score. The Chanonry forwards broke away once or twice, but could not get past Robertson and Freebairn. The Partick team had hard lines in not scoring, Veitch saving miraculously, and from a corner Smith headed the ball over the cross-bar. From a foul near the Aberdeen goal the Thistle added a fourth, and a fifth goal soon followed. No further scoring took place, and an interesting game ended: Partick Thistle, 5 goals; Aberdeen, 2 goals. The winners all played a good game. For the Aberdeen Veitch did some splendid work in goal, and was hardly responsible for the points scored against him. The backs and half-backs were seen to great advantage. Farnworth and McVey never played better. The forwards were poor, Leggat and Brown being the best of the lot.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 6th January 1890

The Chanonry eleven had as their New Year visitors the well-known Partick Thistle. In many respects the game was interesting, but it was sad to see the "pumped out" condition of the local men ere the end of the second half was reached. Partick Thistle played better than they did against the Victoria United, displaying better combination and judgment. The home team made a good start, but the forwards' shooting was very wild and spoiled several fine chances. The Thistle were the first to score, and ultimately put on a total in the first period of 3 goals to Aberdeen's 2. In the second half Aberdeen practically collapsed, and retired beaten by 5 to 2. The Aberdeen half-backs all played well. Ketchen was a success at back, and Veitch (assumed name) saved capitally. The forwards were poor - very poor. Of the individual players, McVay deserves to be mentioned specially, and Farnworth has to be credited with taking a capital goal, Thompson played his usual sound game. Leggat at forward would have done much better had he received the support to which he is accustomed. Whitehead and Christie were - well, not so good as they might have been. The strangers all played well.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 9th January 1890

Played at Chanonry on Saturday, before a good attendance of spectators. The Aberdeen won the toss, and after the kick-off looked like scoring. About 15 minutes after the start, Johnston drew blood first for the strangers, but immediately after, Farnworth, sending in a grounder, equalised amid great cheers; and before half-time was called the strangers scored other two, while MeVay, who looked dangerous before and after, scored number 2 for the Whites. During the second-half the strangers had by far the best of the game, and managed to notch other 2 points, but the Aberdeen defence was playing a splendid game and gave the Thistle forwards hard work. A pleasant game ended Partick Thistle 5; Aberdeen, 2.

Source: Northern Figaro, 11th January 1890

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Veitoh (assumed name); Ketohen, A. Wood; McVey, Farnworth, Thompson; Leggat, Christie, Campbell, Brown, Whitehead,


Partick Thistle Teamsheet:  McCorquindale; Robertson, Freebairn; Gorham, Smith, Killin; Drummond, Hill, Paul Johnstone, G. Proudfoot



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