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match report 1889-90 fixture list
Orion 5 - 2 Black Diamond
Kick Off:    Andrews, Andrews, Fyfe, Lumsden, Mackay       ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
These clubs were to have played their semi-final cup tie at Central Park on Saturday, but the ground was so soaked with rain that it was agreed to play only a friendly game. The Diamond kicked off down the hill in presence of a rather small attendance round the ropes, and in less than a minute Andrews scored for Orion with a shot that glanced off the goalpost. Orion held their opponents all through the first half, and obtained other 2 points by Andrews and Fyfe. Black Diamond reached the other end on three or four occasions only.
Though it was pouring rain, the drenched and mud-besmeared players recommenced like demons, but Fyfe gave up, and Orion played the second half with ten men. Black Diamond had more of the play than in the first period, but were seldom dangerous. They scrimmaged one through and their left wing put on a second. Orion also added two goals, Lumsden and Andrews piloting one through between them, while Mackay drove another straight home. The game thus ended in favour of Orion by 5 goals to 2. Black Diamond played their advertised team, but for Orion Lumsden took Mundie's place in centre, and McBain on the outside right partnered Fyfe.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 13th January 1890

These teams met on Saturday at Central Park, and should have played their semi-final cup tie, but, owing to the ground being in such a muddy state, a friendly game was agreed to be played. The Diamonds losing the toss kicked off down the hill, and the ground team took the game in hand and, during the first half, scored three times while the Diamonds failed to score. The Orion began the second half with only two men, Fyfe giving it up, and added other two points, the Diamonds being successful twice also. Result - Orion 5, Black Diamonds 2. The Diamonds played a miserable game downhill but improved a little uphill. The scorers for the Orion were Andrews 2, Fyfe, Lumsden, McKay, and Andrews 1 each.

Source: Northern Figaro, 18th January 1890

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