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match report 1889-90 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Charity Cup First Round 
Black Diamond 4 - 1 Orion
Kick Off:          Whitehead 3, McKay  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Holburn Cricket Ground, Aberdeen
These teams met at Holburn in the first round of the charity competitions. Owing, in great measure at least, to the strong wind which was blowing the play was not of a brilliant kind, and was characterised by a good deal of roughness. The Black Diamond won the toss, and naturally decided to play with the wind and the sun at their backs. However, although possessing these advantages, they failed to break through the Orion defence, which was sufficient to repulse every attack. The Orion once or twice managed to get up the field, and on one occasion narrowly missed scoring, the ball striking one of the side posts and falling behind. The Blacks after a time made a series of invasions, but for long without result. Ultimately, their persistent efforts were rewarded, and, defeating Love, they registered their first goal; and soon afterwards, close on the end of the first half, Frank Whitehead had a short, clever run, and kicked the equalising point. In the second period, the ball was kept almost continuously at the Black Diamond goal, the Orion pressing most vigorously and determinedly. The defence of the Blacks was extremely good. Whitehead succeeded in getting other two goals and McKay got one, bringing the total to 4. McKay's point was the best taken goal of the game, and was secured by a long and beautiful kick. The match ended: Orion, 4; Black Diamond, 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 31st March 1890



It is generally admitted that the Charity Cup tie at Holburn was a somewhat poor affair in point of play, but to say that there was any great display of roughness is exaggerating, quite inexcusably, what actually took place. One instance there was of a player losing his temper, but nothing came of the incident; there was also a little tripping and pushing, and that was all. No; the spectators showed an unusual amount of partisan feeling, and to their absurd shouting and yelling must he laid the blame of a good deal of the alleged "roughness." The game was keenly contested throughout. The Black Diamond, of whom better things were expected, could make nothing of their opponents; a fact which was demonstrated clearly during the first half, when, with a strong wind and sun at their backs, they managed only once to score. The victory of 4-1 was bad, but it might have been better.

Source: Aberdeen Journal 3rd April 1890

The Orion v. Black Diamonds, played at Chanonry, was the match of excellence (!) on Saturday. The fight was a stiff one, and partook somewhat of the rough and tumble order, at least in so far as the Diamonds were concerned. I do not doubt for a moment the Orion boys went into the field under the impression that they had, well, if not a soft thing, at least a team that would not take a great amount of beating. In this they soon saw they were grievously mistaken, for the Blacks' storming of their citadel was evidently quite an eye-opener to the Orion.

Source: Northern Figaro, 5th April 1890

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