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match report 1889-90 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Charity Cup Final 
The Aberdeen 1 - 2 Orion
Kick Off:    From a melee       Baird, F. Whitehead  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
These rivals met at Victoria Bridge Grounds in presence of a crowd, the largeness of which can he estimated when it is said that the drawings amounted to over 61. The weather, except that the wind was rather strong, was favourable. More than usual interest centred in the event on this occasion, first and principally, because of the agitation which has been raised over the Orion's determination to play Edwards despite that player's disqualification by the Charity Committee; and, secondly, because the rivalry of the two elevens, always keen, is this year greater than ever. Whilst it is gratifying to see this increased public interest - and long may it continue to grow - it is a pity that Saturday's play should have been so poor and disappointing. Neither side did well. The wind, of course, was against good work, but, apart from that, there was no apparent want of steadiness on the part of the men, a deal of wild and injudicious kicking, and a general lack of judgment.
Aberdeen lost the toss, and kicked off, and, immediately losing the ball, the Orion had a capital try. They missed, but, quickly returning to the siege, they peppered away at the Aberdeen goal during the most of the first period, but failed to score. F. Whitehead had a couple of chances. Love, the Orion goalkeeper, was never once called upon to save during this half, for, though the Whites several times got down, they were never really dangerous. The number of fouls given against both sides was abnormally large, On passing over a different complexion was soon given to the game. Aberdeen had the upper hand for a short spell, but the Orion afterwards broke away, the forwards having a nice run, and, the ball being passed to Baird, that player cleverly kicked it through amid applause. This advantage was, without much loss of time, improved upon. In the course of play at midfield a foul was given against Farnworth, and, Ewen placing well with a long kick, F. Whitehead headed through a second point. Aberdeen's chances of victory were now rather remote, as, though there was fully half an hour to go, their play was not of such a calibre as to promise ability in making up the leeway. The Orion had another gallant press, in the course of which D. Wood was winded at the goal mouth. He soon recovered, however. Aberdeen kept well up field for the next ten minutes, and once or twice threatened invasion. The Orion defence, however, was too strong, the half-backs doing particularly well, and repulse after repulse rewarded their efforts. Ketchen ultimately had a fine run, ending with a long kick, and, the forwards dashing up, a melee ensued, with the result that Aberdeen scored. This gave rise to great enthusiasm, and the Whites were encouraged to "Play up." Their "playing up" came to nothing, unfortunately for them, and the match ended: Orion 2, Aberdeen 1.
Aberdeen, it ought to be stated, played under protest and it is expected that their objection will be sustained. The play, as has been mentioned, was poor, although the Orion's tactics were superior to those of their opponents, The Aberdeen forwards never played worse. Ewen and McKay did capital work for their club. Mr Tom Park, of the Cambuslang, was referee (his decisions giving general satisfaction), while the umpires were Messrs Main and Aitchison.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 28th April 1890

In defeating the Aberdeen in the final of the Charity Cup competitions the Stripes are entitled to every praise. While neither played a good game - the cross wind preventing this - the Orion had undoubtedly the upper hand during the greater part of the game, and had it not been for two glaring misses at the goal their score would have been doubled. In spite of the large number of fouls given - both teams equally sharing - the game was the reverse of rough.


A well-informed correspondent writes as follows:- "As there is likely to be a good deal of ink-spilling about the Charity final, which was played at the Victoria Grounds on Saturday, I consider myself, as an interested outsider, entitled to say a few words thereon. In the first place, I must say I was very much disappointed by the bad form shown by both teams. It was undoubtedly the poorest exhibition given by them this season, and that before one of Scotland's ablest critics - Mr Tom Park. What opinion that gentlemen has of Aberdeen football I don't know. It must be a very poor one indeed. As to the Orion playing Edwards, about whom the dispute has arisen, I cannot understand how the gentlemen who form that club's committee could be so nonsensical as to run the chance of losing such a beautiful trophy as the Charity Cup undoubtedly is. They knew very well that the Charity Committee objected to that player, and if they consented to compete under that committee's rules they ought to have abided by them. Everybody who takes any interest in Aberdeen football knows that the rule objected to was directed not against the Orion but against another club altogether, and if they were determined to break the rule they deserve to lose the cup which, on play, I must say they won easily."

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 1st May 1890

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Orion Teamsheet: 


Referee: Mr Park, Cambuslang

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