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match report 1889-90 fixture list
Victoria United 1 - 2 Carfin Shamrock
Kick Off:  3:15 PM   Turner        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Saturday being a holiday at Motherwell, the team known as the Carfin Shamrock arranged so meet the Victoria United at Victoria Bridge Grounds. However, for some reason or other, only three of the original eleven put in an appearance, the places of the absentees being taken by members of the Motherwell Shamrock, while McBain of the local Orion acted as goalkeeper. The three Carfin Shamrock men were Clifford, "Paddy" Mitchell, and Bresland, and they are thus particularly mentioned because almost without exception they were the only really good players on the southern side. A large crowd gathered to witness the match.
Losing the toss, the local team had to contend against an almost blinding sun and a strong wind. For a short time they kept their opponents admirably in check, but were themselves unable to invade, the clever tactics of Mitchell and Clifford keeping the ball always well out of danger. A fast run nearly the whole length of the course brought the Shamrocks to the home goal, and a swift shot from the right took effect. For a few minutes play was steady. Thereafter the ground eleven had a look in, and if Turner and Leggat had been at all efficiently backed up at least two points would have been got. Matters, however, were muddled. The Shamrocks again got on to ball and rushed it down. Gray made the mistake of running too far out to meet the ball, with the result that, missing his kick, the right wing man centred, and his companion sent the leather home. No further scoring took place during the first half hour.
Throughout the second period the Vics had undoubtedly the best of the play, their opponents only getting once or twice into dangerous quarters, Five minutes from the kick off the local right wing had a brilliant dribble, and Turner, amid cheers, scored the first point. This, however, they failed to improve upon. The left wing kept too much of the play to themselves; had they passed the ball more the probability, or rather certainty, is that the strangers would have retired defeated. As it was, when the whistle blew the game stood: Motherwell 2, Victoria United 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 9th June 1890

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