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match report 1890-91 fixture list
The Aberdeen 7 - 3 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Key, Morrison, Morrison, Wallace, Robertson, ?, ?       Cameron, From scrimmage  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
The Aberdeen F.C. opened their season at Chanonry on Saturday by playing the Victoria United. Unfortunately, the weather wan the reverse of favourable, rain falling heavily at intervals during the afternoon. However, there was a large attendance or spectators. Neither of the teams were seen at their strongest. The Aberdeen, indeed, had only three of their last year's first eleven; there were also several untried men in the ranks of the Victoria United. The young bloods acquitted themselves well. In the first half the game was interesting, and the play on both sides, but especially on the part of Aberdeen, was very good. For fifteen minutes the ball was kept traversing between the goals, and thereafter Aberdeen invaded. Morrison sent in a swift shot which Gray just managed to fist, sending the ball in the direction of Cobban, who passed to Key. That player kicked and caused the leather to strike against Ririe. Catching the sphere on the rebound he applied his left foot and sent it through in grand style amid applause. From the kick off the ground eleven came again with a rush, Wallace centred to Key, who took the ball to the goal line, and Morrison touched it between the posts. Second goal for Aberdeen. The Vics put upon their metal by these reverses, combined together, and, getting past their opponents' forwards and half backs, made a well-directed attack on goal. Mackie was called on to clear his lines, and in the course of a scrimmage the Victoria secured a corner, from which, however, no advantage was gained. The ball was taken in hand by the Aberdeen forwards, and from about the centre of the field Morrison, playing with great judgment, kicked through No. 3. An offside goal followed, and then Wallace notched a fourth goal, and George Robertson, from the right, put on a fifth. A sixth goal fell to Aberdeen before the Victoria, United got their chance. After a fine combined run almost the whole length of the ground, Cameron defeated Mackie, and put the first goal to the credit of his side. Luck seemed entirely to have turned, as the Torry men again gave the ground team trouble, and after a scrimmage at the goal, once more lowered their colours. A short time before the end of the first period, Gray was called upon to save. He caught the ball with his hands, but had no chance of throwing it clear of his lines, as Key, Wallace, and Morrison rushed down upon him and sent the ball through. The three quarters shut finished: Aberdeen, 7; Victoria United, 2.
The second half was less exciting. Victoria United got a third point after a quarter of an hour's play, but during the next half hour nothing more was done. The game ended in the victory of Aberdeen by 7 goals to three.
The Aberdeen are to be congratulated on the excellent promise shown by the new comers. Forwards, except on the right wing, are very strong ; the half backs were a capital trio; and the backs, despite the fact that Ketchen was hardly in his best form, put in good work. Matthews, Cobban, Mollison, Key, Wallace, were particularly serviceable. Gray kept a splendid goal, Ririe was the best of the backs, and Kirkland deserves commendation as a reliable player.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 25th August 1890

The Aberdeen commenced their season by playing the Victoria United last Saturday. Both teams were without several of their players, five of the second eleven playing in the Aberdeen team. Bad weather spoiled the attendance of spectators. The Aberdeen kicked off, and by some good forward play, quickly scored. Keeping up the pressure, they ran on a score of seven goals in rapid succession, the honours being pretty equally divided amongst the forward line, left wing and centre showing good judgment combined with speed. The Vics, in spite of reverses, kept pegging away, and were rewarded with two goals before half-time sounded.

The second half was slow, the heavy ground telling upon the players, and pretty even play resulted in adding another goal to the Victoria's score, the game ending seven to three. The Aberdeen showed unexpected form, Mollison in centre-half playing a strong game. The back division lay if anything a little too far forward, a circumstance the opposing forwards took advantage of latterly. Matthews is just a trifle light, but tackled well, one neat kick coming in for a special ovation. G. Robertson got an awkward kick which, though slight, rendered him a little stiff during the second-half. Gray played a good game for the Vies, in goal, while Foote was a little too much all over the field, bat "Peter" was all right.

The Aberdeen go to open the Dumfermline's ground on Saturday.

Source: Northern Figaro, 30th August 1890

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