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match report 1890-91 fixture list
The Aberdeen 2 - 2 Dunfermline Athletic
Kick Off:    Whitehead 2        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
These clubs played their return match at Chanonry before a large "gate." From start to finish the game was fast, well and pretty equally contested, and pleasant and interesting withal. The Aberdeen played with fine judgment, and there was hardly a weak man in the lot. The strangers also showed skill and dash, and, if anything, were the superior in point of combination. Although both sides strove their hardest, and more than once were nearly successful, the first half ended without any scoring.
But, on resuming, the locals soon cut their way to the Dunfermline goal. A finely-combined run by the forwards brought the ball well down, and Arthur Whitehead, getting a flying pass, headed through. On the kick-off the Aberdeen again looked as if they meant business, but the south backs cleared, and the sphere was transferred to the other end of the field. Here Dunfermline scored, but as it was clearly a case of off-sides the point was disallowed. They were not to be denied, however, and setting themselves once more to the attack, they, after a stiff tussle, lowered the Aberdeen's colours. For a time afterwards the ground men had the best of the play. They charged again and again, and ultimately their efforts were rewarded, for Whitehead, placing beautifully with a "header," a second goal was rushed through. The Dunfermline Athletic equalised just on the call of half time, and the match ended in a draw: Aberdeen 2, Dunfermline Athletic 2.
The south backs and half-backs were perhaps the best in the team. The Aberdeen's strength was equally divided. Key is keeping up his form; the half-backs were excellent; and the backs (Ketchen and A. Wood) did yeomen service. Mackie promises to be a capable goalkeeper.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 6th October 1890

Many came to witness the return match between these clubs, and were rewarded by seeing a stiff tussle. The excitement at times was intense, both teams endeavouring to gain a supremacy which was accorded to neither during the first half of the play. Upon resuming, the game was fast, and after some mutual visiting, a combined run down by the Aberdeen resulted in a goal headed through by Whitehead, from a pass by Stewart. This reverse caused the Dunfermline to play still harder, and Aberdeen's goal was quickly visited, the first reward being a resultless corner, second an offside goal, but the next time there was no mistake, and through went the ball. Shortly after, a splendid run by Key raised the excitement, again and again they charged, and at length a kick by Ketchen from a foul was neatly sent through by Robertson. Nettled by this, the Dunfermline quickly made for the Aberdeen's goal, and after repeated repulses, the ball was at length headed through the inside right. No further scoring took place, and a stiffly contested game ended in a draw?two goals each.

The Dunfermline played a smart game, but the back division of the Aberdeen kept them well in hand, Stewart (of the Victoria United) showing well. Morrison seemed to be minding the men a little too much - perhaps a former occasion accounted for his mindfulness. Wood (half-back) would be more effective if he would not run about so much. The backs were all there, Ketchen being in grand form. Mackie, in goal, was as cool as the weather.

Source: Northern Figaro, 11th October 1890

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