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match report 1890-91 fixture list
Scottish Cup Third Round 
Inverness Caledonian 6 - 2 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 0
Venue: Muirton, Inverness
The Scottish Cup tie (third round) between these clubs was played on the Caledonian ground at the Muirton, Inverness. Aberdeen won the toss and kicked off with a slight breeze in their favour. After about fifteen minutes kicking, the Aberdeen right centred very neatly, and the ball - an easy one - slipped through Fraser's too eager hands, and Aberdeen scored the only soft goal that transpired during the match. Five minutes afterwards a dashing run and a piece of clever passing, resulted in a second goal. Shortly afterwards the front rank of the Caledonian rushed the hull to the Aberdeen goal mouth, and the leather was headed through from a corner shot, but the umpire disallowed the point on the plea of offside. Subsequently Aberdeen paid several very dangerous visits to the Caledonian citadel, and but for the splendid form of Fraser, they would have scored. Towards the close of the period the Caleys came away, and a piece of unexceptional football ended in a scramble at the goalmouth, in the course of which the ball was kicked through. To play an uphill game, as Aberdeen did in the second half, with all the cheering on one hand and the groans on the other, must have been disappointing. From whatever cause, it soon became apparent, after the kick off, that the Caledonian were getting into grand form, while Aberdeen did not respond by a similar improvement. Occasionally they developed unexpected faults, from which the Caledonians cleverly profited. At the outset Aberdeen got two corners, which came to nothing. Then the Caledonian began to retaliate, and thenceforward they took the game entirely into their own hands. Amid tremendous enthusiasm they equalised after about fifteen minutes' play. This point was the outcome of a corner. In about a minute, during which the pressure was kept up, another corner was conceded, and from a beautifully centred ball a third goal was scored. The enthusiasm of the spectators now reached a high pitch owing to the unexpected turn the play had taken. Other three goals followed in rapid succession, despite the most strenuous exertions of the Aberdonians, who played a plucky game, but began to display some weakness in the back division. The goalkeeper saved several hot shots, but he could not be called a model custodian.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 20th October 1890



"It's the pace that kills," and there is no other reason can be given for the defeat of the Aberdeen by the Highland host at Inverness than that the locals were pumped. They were all right in the first half, showing good form; but in the second period the superior training of the Invernessians enabled them to carry everything before them, and to lay over the Aberdonians by 6 goals to 2. The pity of it! This makes the second defeat of the Chanonry eleven this season, but there is a crumb of comfort, to be extracted from the fact that they still lead in the matter of goals, having scored 29 as against 23 made by opponents.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 23rd October 1890

Locally the topic of conversation in Football circles for the week has been the "walloping" which the Aberdeen received at the hands of that Hielan' team at Inverness, on Saturday. I am not going to sit on the Caledonian for beating our champions of the white, but, I think the uncourteous treatment which the Aberdeen received at the hands of the crowd is subject for the strongest comment. I don't care where you go to pick 'em, you will not get a more gentlemanly set of players than our Aberdeen fellows are, and why they should be hooted and groaned at by a crowd of unmannerly "Hielan' beggars" is not quite plain. That they played the game, no one will deny, and they had no reason to feel ashamed of their defeat, had that defeat been an honourable one. I leave it to the Caledonian team to say if, in the face of a howling execrating mob, who behaved more like savages than civilised human beings, they would have scored as they did.

Source: Northern League, 25th October 1890

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