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match report 1890-91 fixture list
Orion 4 - 0 Harp, Dundee
Kick Off:    Jopp, Leggat, From Scrimmage, Gloag        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
Played at Aberdeen. The Orion, with the wind in their favour, scored three times - Jopp putting through the first goal, Leggat the second, and the third being secured from a scrimmage, the ball being well passed by Leggat. On crossing over the Harp lost no time in making the pace hot, and twice in succession they invaded and narrowly missed scoring. They notched an offside goal, and then the Orion took up the running, and Gloag shot a beauty, making the fourth on his side. The Harp took their reverses in bad part, and the subsequent play was characterised by much roughness. The Orion men, on the whole, kept their tempers admirably. Play all over was slack, and an uninteresting game ended: Orion 4, Harp 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 20th October 1890

The Orion provided their patrons with a little tit-bit in the shape of a visit from that well-known and once very powerful combination of Irishmen, the Dundee Harp. Time has wrought sad havoc with their players, however, and the team which took the field on Saturday was but a remnant of what they formerly were when in their palmiest days. With a strong wind in their favour, and playing down the incline, the Stripes immediately put on the pressure, which they maintained throughout the first half, and succeeded in notching three points (a performance which their supporters were not slow to recognise), while the Dundee men failed to score. So far the Central Park men held the whip hand; but in the second half, with the order of things reversed, it was expected the Harp would make a bold bid for victory. The Orion were too good, however, the defence offered easily accounting for the efforts of the opposing forward line, who played in a slack slovenly manner, with no cohesion whatever, while their halfs and backs were anything but brilliant. The exhibition given by their goalkeeper was the only redeeming feature of their play. He showed excellent judgment, the cool way in which he picked up the ball and threw it out, when hotly besieged, being worthy of a Wilson. As the result of some fine passing amongst the home forwards, notably by Gloag, that player cleverly scored a fourth goal, and an interesting, though towards the finish slightly rough, game ended in favour of the Stripes by 4 goals to nil. The play of the winners gave the utmost satisfaction to their supporters. It was the best display they have given this season. The forwards combined, dribbled, and shot for goal in


Leggat and Gloag made a strong right-wing pair, their short pausing being very pretty and effective. The half-backs put in some telling work. Ewen perhaps the best, his feeding of the right wing and sure fearless tackling standing out prominently. Edwards and Foote at back were very safe. Edwards is rather light, and against heavy forwards it is doubtful if he would come off. He appears to have the makings of a forward more than of a back, and might with advantage be given a trial to partner Leggat on the right, Gloag going centre. Foote skies the ball too much. He must endeavour to keep it lower, while his speed might be improved on. The evergreen Diack was once more between the "sticks," and seemed to impart no little degree of confidence to the others. His presence appeared to have a beneficial effect on their play.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 23rd October 1890


Saturday's victory of the Orion over the Dundee Harp constitutes the fourth successive win to the credit of the Stripes. They are certainly improving. In spite of the strong wind on Saturday, they played a good game, the forwards combining well, and the whole eleven displaying an amount of confidence and judgment which promise well for the excellence of their appearances in future matches. The Harp were a poor lot. With the exception of the left half-back and the goalkeeper not one of the team could be singled out as first-class.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 23rd October 1890

At Central Park a pretty rough game between the custodians of the ground and the Dundee Harp resulted in a victory to the former by 4 to 0. The Orion played, on the whole, fairly, right through the game, and notwithstanding frequent opportunities for "temper", they kept themselves remarkably well in hand. Not so the Dundonians. After the game began to go against them, these rough spirits went at everything and everybody, the ball excluded, and the surprise to me was that no serious accident took place in consequence of their selfish boorishness and rough play. These same Harpers sadly need a lesson in keeping their tempers.

Source: Northern League, 25th October 1890

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