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match report 1890-91 fixture list
Victoria United 9 - 1 Montrose
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Campbell, Stewart, Taylor, Watson, Taylor, Taylor, ?, Taylor, Watson       Thomson  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
The Vics engaged this crack southern team on the Recreation Grounds on Saturday, and secured what may be termed the most brilliant victory of the season, winning by the long score of 9 goals to 1. There was an exceedingly large attendance of spectators. The game started at three o'clock, and for the first twenty minutes it was pretty even, but at the end of that period Campbell got within shooting distance, and drew first blood for the Vics. The game resumed its give-and-take nature, both teams having several tried at goal, but eventually Stewart beat McKie, the Montrose custodian, a second time. From the kick-off the Montrose took the ball well up, and secured a corner, but the home team managed to clear their lines, and play was transferred to the other end. Taylor sent in a long dropping shot over his head, and McKie running out to meet it misjudged his distance, and let it through. A minute later the Vics, were again in front of goal, and Clark passing to Watson that player kicked it between the uprights beyond the reach of the goalkeeper. Continuing the attack, the Vics, were a few minutes later again dangerous. Some good passing took place in front of goal, and although McKie did his best to ward off the attack he was beaten by sheer numbers, the fifth goal being headed past him. Thus ended the first half.
Immediately on the resumption, Turner had a smart run up the right wing, and passed to Taylor who put on the finishing touch. A minute later the Vics nearly obtained a seventh goal, but the ball struck the post, and by some judicious passing the Montrose forwards worked the Leather close to their opponents' citadel. Several good shots were sent in, but were smartly fisted out by the goalkeeper; and the ball being shortly after dribbled to the other end, the seventh point was put on for the Vics. From the kick-off the Montrosians took up the running, and a good shot from the boot of Thomson took effect, which success was greeted with an encouraging cheer. Repeatedly the strangers after this tried hard to reduce the lead, but their efforts were thwarted by the safe back play and goalkeeping of the home men. Neither were the forwards idle, for, before, the call of time, they had succeeded in putting on two more goals - Taylor and Watson doing the needful. Montrose failed to increase their score, and the game ended: United, 9; Montrose, 1.
The Aberdonians all over outmatched their opponents, who certainly did not display the form that was expected of them after the hard tussle they gave the 3rd L.R.V. the previous week. Admitted they had not the goalkeeper they had on that occasion, and that one or two points were scored which might have been saved, still the Vics deserved to win. They combined exceedingly well, and all through played a winning game.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 17th November 1890

The Montrose team visited Aberdeen on Saturday and encountered the Victoria United at the Victoria Bridge Grounds. There was a large attendance of spectators. Montrose played substitutes for two of their regular members, who were absent. Play commenced fast, and in the early part of the game both goals were repeatedly visited, but several chances of scoring were missed. About fifteen minutes from the start, Campbell smartly scored the first goal of the game for the Victoria United. The Montrose defence was for some time severely taxed, and after McKie had saved several times Stewart notched a second point for the Ground team, During the remainder of this period the "Victorians" had practically all the play, and scored three more goals by Watson (two) and Taylor. Ends were changed with the home players leading by 5 goals to 0. In the second half the visitors strove hard to improve their position, but their play was disappointing, and they scored only one goal. The local men, on the other hand, continued to play with considerable dash - Watson. Turner, and Taylor in front, and Stewart at half-back, being specially prominent - and the final result of the game was a win to the Victoria United by 9 goals to 1. The home team are to be complimented on the excellent appearance they made.

Source: Northern Figaro, 22nd November 1890

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