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AFC - Match Report
match report 1913-14 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 2 - 1 St. Mirren
Kick Off:    Travers, Travers.       Pearson (pen)  
Attendance: 9,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Two Goals for Travers up
At Aberdeen, before 9000 spectators. Play throughout never touched a high standard, and on the whole Aberdeen were just worth their initial victory of the season. In the first half Aberdeen were slightly superior, but were weak in front of goal. Travers opened the scoring after Main had placed well from a corner, and within four minutes he added another point. As the result of a penalty kick given against Wyllie, Pearson scored for St Mirren. There was no scoring in the second half, when play was of a listless nature. Neither goalkeeper had much to do, although St Mirren were stronger in attack than they had been in the first period. Near the close, O'Hagan had a great save from Main when a goal seemed certain. This was practically the only incident of note, and Aberdeen won a very moderate game. Best for Aberdeen were Colman, Wyllie, Soye, and Main, and for St Mirren Burden, Gray, and Gibson. Result:- Aberdeen, 2 goals; St Mirren, 1.

Source: The Scotsman, 29th September 1913

As the result of their game with Saint Mirren at Pittodrie, Aberdeen registered their first Scottish League victory for the season, and they defeated the visitors by 2 goals to 1. Nine up 1000 spectators witnessed a game in which the standard of play was never anything else but moderate.

The forward play on both sides was poor, the specially in front of goal, where the finishing was wretched. The presence of a good shooting forward might have made all the difference in the world to a game out of which the only gratification the supporters of the home club could get was the fact that it provided the team with its first win of the season after eight attempts. As events proved, Aberdeen might quite easily have won by a greater margin, and yet with a little luck Saint Mirren might have finished on level terms. The game was practically devoid of incident, and, indeed, the second half was as dull a period as it was well nigh possible to be. The spectators for the most part got little to enthuse over, and the football shown might have belonged to an end of season game. The feature of the match was to wretched finishing of both teams. There was scarcely a shot on the field, and had there been, there wouldn't be in a vastly different story to tell. Aberdeen had much the better of the exchange's in the first half, and on their play in that period they deserved to win narrowly. In a dull second half they no more than held their own.

Aberdeen made the running at the start, and the game was only minutes old when, following upon an accurate centre by Soye, Maine narrowly missed with a good header. Travers, Main, and McIntosh all had good chances subsequently, but they failed to get in their kicks. As time went past the pressure told on the visiting defence. Holbein gave the away a corner, and this was finely placed by Soye. Main just touched the ball with his head, and Travers, lying behind, headed into the net. The goal spurred on Aberdeen, and Wyllie, after having a shot blocked, hit the crossbar with the terrific drive. The shot rebounded to Reid, but he failed to clear, and the ball going to Travers, that player manoeuvred up nicely, and put the ball in the net. After this Saint Mirren made good headway through the medium of the right wing, but Kyle was badly at fault in his shooting. An incursion by the visiting left led to a penalty kick being granted against the home team. Gibson was working through when he was fouled by Wyllie in the penalty area, and Pearson took the kick and scored. There was a considerable spell of end-to-end play after this, Colman and Wyllie showing up well in the home defence. The Aberdeen forward line had several promising runs, but these were nullified by the lack of finishing. Soye sent over more good crosses, and he had two shots which went just over O'Hagan's charge, while Main, after running through, made an unsuccessful claim for a penalty against Burden. There was no further scoring at the interval.

The second half was painfully uninteresting. Aberdeen attacked at the start, and Soye had two good shots, which just went wide. The St Mirren backs played none too sound like, yet the home attack was not deadly. Pearson collided with Brewster, and had to be carried off. After an absence of 15 minutes, however, he was able to resume. Saint Mirren came away strongly for a time, and the Aberdeen defence had a trying time even although Greig had practically nothing to do. Gibson twice had shots blocked by Colman and Wyllie, and once Hume saved what must have been a certain goal from Kyle. Burden also had a good try, but this went high. There were frequent stoppages in the game owing to mishaps to Saint Mirren players. As the end approached Aberdeen again came away strongly, and Soye twice almost scored. On one occasion Holbein completely missed his kick, and O'Hagan came out to recover, but also misjudged the ball. Travers fastened on, but to the chagrin of many he kicked the ball high over the bar. Shortly afterwards O'Hagan executed the best piece of goal keeping in the match. Main broke through, and a goal seemed certain when O'Hagan dived at his feet and brought off a grand score. The goalkeeper had also to distinguish himself near the close, but there was no further scoring.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 29th September 1913

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Greig, Colman, Hume, Wilson, Wyllie, Brewster, Soye, McIntosh, Main, Travers, Wood.

Unused Subs:


St. Mirren Teamsheet:  O'Hagan; Reid, Holbein; Pearson, Burden, Stevenson; Gray, Kyle, Elmore, Gibson, Davidson


Referee: Mr. J. Stevenson, Motherwell

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