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match report 1890-91 fixture list
The Aberdeen 1 - 5 Methlan Park
Kick Off:    Cobban       Latta, From scrimmage, Bell, Bell,Richmond  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Played at Chanonry yesterday. Aberdeen were without Whitehead and Ritchie, Duggan and Anderson filling the vacancies. There was a good turnout of spectators. Key started the game for Aberdeen, who pressed at the start, and experienced hard lines at the Methlan goal, the goalkeeper saving some dangerous shots. From a break away by the strangers' forwards they all but scored, A. Wood clearing at the expense of a corner, which came, to nothing. Aberdeen obtained a corner at the other end. Cobban took the kick, but the ball was sent past. Alec Wood then stopped a dangerous run by the left wing. After 15 minutes' play, Cobban beat Barr with a long shot from the left. Aberdeen still kept up the pressure, and, had it not been for the exceptionally good defence by the strangers' goalkeeper and backs, the home eleven would certainly have scored once or twice. The visitors' right wing put in some good work, causing the Aberdeen goalkeeper to use his hands. Latta equalised the game with a swift shot, which Caithness could not have saved. A second soon followed from a scrimmage in front of the Chanonry team's goal. Aberdeen in turn had a try at the other end, and Brown narrowly missed scoring with a long kick and a minute later the goalkeeper saved one from Robison. No further scoring took place up till half-time, when the game stood: Methlan Park, 2 goals; Aberdeen, 1 goal.
Restarting, Brown had a run down, and passed to Duggan, who centred well, but the backs cleared. Latta next got clear of the Aberdeen backs, but when nearing Caithness he sent the ball high over the bar. Runs from goal to goal followed, the backs on both sides showing to advantage. Duggan centred well from a run down the left, Aberdeen very nearly scored, but luck was against them. Richmond took the ball up the left wing nicely for the Dumbartonshire team, and centred just at the right moment, and, Bell rushing up, sent the ball whizzing past Caithness. So far the home team did the most pressing, but their opponents' goalkeeper and backs offered a stubborn resistance, and managed to keep down the score. Key sent in a shot which missed its mark only by inches. Halley tried Caithness with a long one from the right. The goalkeeper saved, however, and managed to clear. Key next essayed a run, and when near goal was tackled by McGregor. The latter, however, in clearing kicked the ball behind. From the corner kick, Bell got away on the right, and passing all opposition beat Caithness for the fourth time. Richmond followed this up soon after with a fifth. The ball was kept bobbing about the Methlan Park's goal for a while, but Aberdeen could not get it through. On one occasion the ball was lying about a couple of yards right in front of the visitors' goal, and Robison sent it spinning high over the bar. No more goals were got by either side. The game ended: Methlan Park, 5 goals; Aberdeen, 1. On play, the Aberdeen were just about a goal behind their opponents.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 2nd January 1891

Played at Chanonry on New-Year's Day in presence of a good attendance. Aberdeen kicked off. The game was fast, the home team showing up well, and having at the start the best of the game. Prom a piece of good forward play, they scored the first point in the game, Mollison's foot being responsible. The strangers pressed for a time, and succeeded in breaking the defence. In a few minutes they added another goal. Key and Brown worked manfully to equalise, but the visitors had rather the best of the play, their backs returning the ball with fine precision. Brown sent in a "stinger" which should have equalised, but it was cleverly held, and half-time ended - Methlan Park, 2; Aberdeen 1.

In the second half of the game the strangers proved themselves more than a match for their opponents, who were beaten by the splendid defence of the back divisions of the team. Once or twice the whites were near scoring, and although they were "on play" only about a goal behind their opponents they had to retire beaten by 5 goals to 1.

Source: Northern Figaro, 10th January 1891

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