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match report 1890-91 fixture list
Victoria United 3 - 5 Dykebar, Paisley
Kick Off:  12:00 PM   Watson, Turner, ?       Simpson (o.g.), Orchardson, ?, Adam  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
A large crowd appeared at Victoria Bridge Grounds at noon to witness a match between the Victoria United and the Dykebar of Paisley. On kicking off twenty minutes behind the advertised time, the south men rushed up the ball, and called twice upon Cannon to save. The Vics then ran down, and at the goal post Watson put the ball softly through. Dykebar immediately after equalised, Simpson of the home eleven sending the sphere between his own uprights. A spell of mid-field play ensued. However, the Victoria United again got off with the ball, and though they muddled somewhat, Turner had the ball passed to him, and with a low swift shot registered a second point. The home team were decidedly having the best of the exchanges, and though their combination might have been improved upon, their work was on the whole very good. A foul about twenty yards from the Dykebar goal resulted in a third point, albeit some of the spectators called it in question. The play was extremely fast for the next quarter of an hour, and then Dykebar lowered the Victoria United colours. The strangers, displaying more vigour than at any previous part of the match, became several times dangerous, and had it not been for the able goal-keeping of Cannon, the score of the ground team must have been exceeded. As it was at half time the scores stood: Victoria United 3, Dykebar 2.
On restarting, the Dykebar, as in the first period, were the first to press, and after a time they equalised the game through Orchardson, the inside right. Cannon was called upon on several occasions, and cleared promptly and cleverly. However, he was again defeated, this making the fourth goal for Dykebar. Orchardson, on the wing, again got down, and passing to Adam, the left winger, that player secured a fifth goal. The match ended: Dykebar 5, Victoria United 3.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 5th January 1890?,b>

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