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match report 1890-91 fixture list
The Aberdeen 3 - 2 Edinburgh University
Kick Off:    Brown, From scrimmage, Key        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Played at Chanonry in two periods of half an hour each, the reduction in time being necessitated by the late arrival of the strangers. In the first half of the game the Aberdeen did practically all the pressing, confining the play almost exclusively to the Edinburgh goal; and as at the start the uprights were penetrated through Brown, it looked as if the local combination was to have an easy victory. Not so, however. Erratic and wild shooting, and too eager anxiety to seize a chance when it presented itself, were features which characterised and spoilt otherwise good play. The forwards combined well, and had a number of fine runs, but the final effort, even at times when they had a clear front, almost invariably ended in failure. The local men also had a deal of bad luck. On one occasion in particular the ball struck the cross-bar three times in quick succession - the last shot falling behind. The characteristics of the Edinburgh play, which was never brilliant, was quick, clean passing, and great speed on the ball. Before half-time the left wing man on the University side equalised with a shot which it was not in Diack's power to save.
On passing over, Edinburgh showed improved form, and once or twice were really dangerous. The Aberdeen, however, were the first to score, the point being got from a scrimmage at the goalmouth. About ten minutes afterwards the University got down, and shot home from the left. Diack miscalculated the velocity of the ball, with the result that, while he caught it with his fist, he did not strike vigorously enough, and the sphere fell through. Once more level, a keen struggle ensued to secure the leading point, and, ten minutes from time, Key was successful in defeating Gibson, the Edinburgh goalkeeper. Nothing further was done, and the game, disappointing in many respects, but pleasant withal, terminated in the victory of Aberdeen by 3 goals to 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 19th January 1890

The senior club of the city met a team from Edinburgh University on Saturday at Chanonry. The Aberdeen men, through Ritchie, were the first to. score; and, continuing the pressure, they ought to have registered at least other two goals, but they were unfortunate in their shooting. The strangers, who were expected to play a better game than they did, only managed once during the first half to find an opening, and at half-time the game stood equal - one goal each. On changing ends, the ground team played with considerable dash, and managed to get two goals against their opponents' one, thus winning the match by 3 to 2.

Source: Northern Figaro, 24th January 1891

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