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match report 1890-91 fixture list
Our Boys, Dundee 6 - 3 Victoria United
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Grewer, Malloch, Coupar, Buttar, ?, ?       Ferris, Taylor, Ferris  
Attendance: 0
Venue: West Craigie Park, Dundee
The above clubs engaged in a friendly game at West Craigie Park, Dundee, the ground of the former. The ground was in good condition. The Aberdeen team were minus three of their regular players. At three o'clock the ball was set in motion by Buttars of the home team. The strangers' backs, however, repelled the attack, and sent the ball down the field. The Boys again, seized the ball, and carried it within shooting distance of their opponents' goal, when Grewer scored the first point. The home team continued to invaded the strangers' territory, and in less than five minutes Malloch put on a second goal. The strangers, nettled at this, had a splendid run down field, and after some passing Ferris headed through the ball. For the next ten minutes the strangers evidently had the best of the play, and an attempt was made to secure a goal, but the ball slipped from the goalkeeper's hands and rolled past the goal mouth. A goal was claimed on the part of the Aberdeen men, but the referee ruled against them. After some further play the home team carried the ball to their opponents' territory, and after some exciting play, the leather was headed through by Coupar. The Aberdeen men put on a spurt, and after a brisk run down the field, Taylor put on the second goal for his team, and the fourth point for the Boys was then scored by Buttar. Some give and take play followed, and at half-time the scores stood: Our Boys 4 goals, United 2.
On resuming, the play was still in favour of the Boys, and several attempts were made to score, but without success. Coupar ultimately, however, sent the ball to the centre, and a slow shot from there, apparently through some misunderstanding on the part of the goalkeeper and backs, slipped through. A third goal was scored by Ferris for his team, and after a splendid run south the home team put on their sixth goal. After some give and take play, the game ended: Our Boys 6 goals, Victoria United 3.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 19th January 1891

The Victoria United paid a visit to Dundee on Saturday, and played Our Boys at West Craigie Park. The local team were handicapped, Turner being unable to play owing to an injured leg. At the commencement of the game play was pretty much of a give and take nature, but gradually the Boys warmed to their work, and scored two goals in succession. The "Vics" shortly after had a look in, but were repelled by their opponents. Continuing the pressure, they were rewarded by scoring through Ferries, and immediately afterwards another swift shot was sent in which the Boys' goalkeeper let slip through his fingers, the ball rolling over the line. The point, however, was disallowed by the referee. Before half time the Dundonians scored other two goals and the United one goal. In the second period, the "Vies" showed considerable improvement, though it was seen they were no match for their antagonists; and they suffered defeat by 6 goals to 3.

Source: Northern Figaro, 24th January 1891

Our Boys, Dundee Teamsheet:  Gold; Shepherd, Brown; Craig, Robertson, Matthew; Coupar, Chalmers, Buttar, Grewer, Malloch.


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Cannon; Simpson, Ririe; Ewen, Duffus, Stewart; Taylor, Gloag, Watson, Ferris, Ingram



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