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match report 1890-91 fixture list
Montrose 8 - 3 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Cairncross, ?, Keillor, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?       ?, Hay, Hay  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Links Park, Montrose
The Aberdeen journeyed to Montrose. The home team kicked off against the wind, and at once began to press. They were repulsed at first by their backs, but they kept up the pressure, and in less than a minute from the start Burgess sent in a good one, which Cairncross sent home. The Montrose were soon again at their opponents' goal, and scored the Stripes' second point. A little later Keillor had a grand run down the left, concluding with a magnificent shot, beating for the third time the Aberdeen custodian. A minute later the same player just missed the fourth. A resultless comer now fell to the strangers, but a little after a hard shot from the left reached the Stripes' goalkeeper, and the strangers got their first point. The Aberdonians were now playing with greater dash and spirit than at first, and several times McKie was called on to save his charge. With the assistance of the backs, however, he managed to keep it intact. Just on the call of time the home team scored a fourth point. The period ended: Montrose, 4; Aberdeen, 1.
On resuming, the Montrose attacked, and all but scored. Aberdeen then came away with a rush, and Hay beat McKie for the second time. Runs from goal to goal followed, and eventually Montrose scored a fifth goal, and before call of time put on other three. The Aberdonians got a corner, which was quickly converted into a goal by Hay. The result was: Montrose, 8; Aberdeen, 3.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 26th January 1891

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