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match report 1890-91 fixture list
Montrose 11 - 1 Victoria United
Kick Off:          McIntosh (o.g.)  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Links Park, Montrose
At Montrose, before a fair turnout of spectators. For a time the Aberdeen defence prevailed, but a kick from midfield landed the ball at the goalmouth, and Keillor drew first blood for the stripes. Shortly after the same player secured a second. The strangers now had a look in, and caused the home defence some trouble, but relief was obtained by the ball going behind. Montrose again attacked, and scored their third goal, other four following in quick succession. Playing up better, the Aberdeen outside left carried, the sphere smartly down to the Montrose citadel, but they were repulsed. Until the end of the period the home eleven had far the best of the play, adding another goal to their total. The first half ended: Montrose, 8; United, 0.
On changing ends the strangers, who now had a strong breeze in their favour, began to press, and McKie was several times called upon to save his charge. One or two unseemly occurrences took place in this half, once a free fight being only prevented by the interference of the umpire, and a little later the home goalkeeper and one of the Aberdeen forwards actually exchanged , blows and were separated by the spectators. After this, play, though somewhat rough, was not again in¬terfered with. The strangers still pressed, but could not pierce the home defence for some time. At length McIntosh, one of the Montrose backs, kicked the ball through his own goal. This was the first and, as it proved, the only point which the United secured. Three other goals were put on in quick succession by the home team, and the game ended: Montrose, 11; Victoria United,1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 9th February 1891

On Links Park, Montrose. The home eleven, with the wind in their favour, soon caused their visitors to assume the defensive, and kept up the pressure all through the first period of the game. Keillor, who was in grand form on the left wing, completely puzzled the Aberdeen back division, and scored point after point for his side. During the whole of this half the Aberdonians scarcely ever got a look in, and when they did it was only to be repulsed by the backs, while the Stripes scored no less than eight goals. On the resumption of hostilities after the interval, the Blues did some pressing, and eventually scored - one of the Montrose backs kicking the ball through his own goal. Play for a time was equal, but the home eleven soon again asserted their superiority, and other three points were notched in rapid succession. Towards the close the "Vics" put in some extra work, but they threw away all their chances by bad play in front of goal, and the game ended - Montrose, 11; Victoria United, 1.

Source: Northern Figaro, 14th February 1890

Montrose Teamsheet: 


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Cannon; Stewart, Ririe; Ewen, Campbell, Duffus; Taylor, Turner, Watson, Sinclair, Ferries



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