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match report 1890-91 fixture list
The Aberdeen 2 - 6 Orion
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
These teams met at Chanonry for the fourth time this season. There was an exceptionally large turn-out - the largest perhaps yet seen at a local match this season. Orion kicked off, and Aberdeen played with the sun in their favour. The cupholders at the very outset pressed their opponents, but the Aberdeen soon shifted the venue to the other end of the field, where a likely chance of scoring was thrown away. After this there may be said to have been only one team in the game - the Orion. Five minutes of the game had gone when they scored a goal, and in less than fifteen minutes they were leading by four to nil. Just before half-time, the Aberdeen got a point, but the Orion added a fifth.
The second half was more evenly fought, although it was easily seen that the Central Park team were far and away the best on the day's play. Indeed, it was surprising to see them keep their feet the way they did, whereas the Aberdeen - Ketchen and A. Wood excepted - could do nothing with the ball on the slippery ground. As it was, both sides got another goal; and had it not been for the really smart goalkeeping of Caithness, and the back play of Ketchen and Wood, the Orion must have scored oftener. The Stripes thus ran out winners by 6 goals to 2.
All over, the Orion deserved to win, and are to be congratulated on their victory, which is the first they have had over their rivals this season.

Source: Aberdeen Journals, 16th March 1891

Play in the second half was a little more equal, both teams managing to notch one point each. Orion thus winning a handsome victory by 6-2. Caithness, backed up by Wood and Ketchen, have to be thanked for this score not being increased on, but the others cannot be singled out for mention, as they played miserably compared to their opponents. Low in goal for the "Central parkers" was in good form, ably backed up by Edwards and Foote. The halves were impregnable, "John" opening the eyes of a few, while Jarvis played a dashing game, the best we have seen him do for a long time, reminding one of his palmy days. Ross from the second string made his debut at half-back, full back his proper place, and played a sterling game. Of the forwards, all dribbled and combined to perfection, and not a flaw was discernible, but to Leggat must be given the "cake", he was a treat, walking round all opposition. It was a glorious victory for the Orion, and a great blow to the non-associationists.

Source: Northern Figaro, 21st March 1891

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