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match report 1890-91 fixture list
The Aberdeen 4 - 7 Our Boys, Dundee
Kick Off:  3:30 PM   Robertson, Mitchell, Whitehead, Key        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
This, the only important match in the city on Saturday afternoon, took place at Chanonry before a good turnout of spectators. The weather was of the most pleasant kind. Our Boys won the toss, and, of course, elected to play with the sun at their back, Aberdeen kicking off against this disadvantage. Getting past the forwards, the ground team lost no time in invading, and two or three narrow things resulted before the Dundonians got play transferred to midfield. And it only remained. there for a brief period, the Aberdeen front rank, combining and tackling well, rushing up the ball, to within a few yards of goal. Brown then passed from the left to the right wing, and Robertson neatly put the ball through. The Aberdeen were soon swarming round the goal again. The Our Boys goalkeeper, however, took a lot of beating, and he smartly averted dangerous shots on several occasions. At length Brown gave another excellent pass to the right wing, and this time Mitchell put on the finishing touch. With two goals to their credit, and secured under adverse circumstances, Aberdeen's prospects at this stage were exceedingly bright. However, the Dundonians rallied all of a sudden, and in less than ten minutes they had put themselves on an equal footing with the locals. Their second goal was got by a well-directed attack on Caithness, the goalkeeper.
The second half had not been long started when the Boys notched a third point. From the kick off, Aberdeen took possession of the ball, and in clearing their lines the Dundee back division had to concede a corner. The leather was well placed, and Whitehead headed through. This success put mettle into the heels of the Chanonry contingent, who, cheered by their supporters, once more bore down in plucky fashion on their opponents' territory, where, after a spell of lively play, Key used his head to some purpose and notched a fourth goal. Then disaster befell the home team. Showing evidence of fatigue, they could not stand up against the vigorous attacks of the Dundonians, who, moreover, were adepts in the passing game, and worked together in excellent combination. Goal after goal fell to them in rapid succession, and when the whistle blow the score stood: Our Boys, 7; Aberdeen, 4.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 13th April 1891

The Aberdeen had the Dundee Our Boys as their guests on Saturday last, and both surprised and delighted their supporters by the fine stand their re-arranged team made. At the very outset the Aberdeen hemmed in their opponents and the Boys were never in it After about 10 minutes' play Robertson scored from a fine pass from the left, followed shortly after by Mitchell notching a second, passed from the same quarter. The Boys got nettled at this, which was rather more than they had bargained for, and settling down they equalised with shots in quick succession when the whistle sounded half-time. On resumption of play Whites were again the first to score, Willie Key having a brilliant run and passing all opposition his effort was capped by a third goal. The Boys equalised, and the Whites again took the ascendance, this time from a corner, the ball being beautifully headed through by Whitehead. After this the Chanonry men seemed to get demoralised and the Boys settling down treated the spectators to some fine scientific work, and rattled on 4 goals before the whistle blew.

Caithness in goal saved well, while the backs did likewise, Ketchen using his weight with great effect. The halfs are a weak spot and will require a lot of strengthening for next week. We were pleased to see "Jamie" back in his old place. He was a little rusty but only wants polishing up to give us a glimpse of his former powers. Cobban seems to be falling away, and Reith is far too slow for a half. Mitchell and Robertson are a pair, while Key cannot be improved on. The inside left is reckless and will come a cropper if he does not take care. Several times we saw him collide with his wing man and take the ball his toe. Whitehead played a much imp game last Saturday.

Gold in goal for the strangers played brilliantly but the backs were rather unsteady at the commencement, although on to the end they played a sterling game. The halfs were a capital trio, Craig - the right half and who owing to injuries shifted right forward - predominating. Malloch was the best forward on the field. Coupar - the international man - was far from being at his best. The centre was occupied by Butter a brother of the usual centre.

Source: Northern Figaro, 18th April 1891

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Caithness; Ketchen, Wood; Reith, Jamieson, Cobban; Mitchell, Robertson, Key, Brown, Whitehead


Our Boys, Dundee Teamsheet: 



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