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match report 1890-91 fixture list
The Aberdeen 5 - 5 Victoria United
Kick Off:  4:00 PM   Reith, Key, Whitehead, Key, ?       Turner, Ferries, Turner, Watson, Watson  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
In weather rather warm for football this fixture came off at Chanonry before a large turnout of spectators. After the kick-off the aggressive tactics of the Victoria for some time demanded every effort of the Aberdeen to prevent scoring. Two corners were given against them, but nothing resulted, and after the second kick-out Aberdeen charged well, and nearly scored. They secured a corner, but failed to improve thereon. A. Whitehead just failed to score, the ball striking the cross-bar. The Vics, in turn charged, and secured a corner off Cobban, to which Aberdeen retaliated by breaking away, led by Whitehead and Key. A corner resulted, and after a little play Reith, from a long shot, scored the first goal for Aberdeen. Play for some time after this was confined to midfield till Turner, with a fine rush, brought the ball to the Aberdeen goal, but in the scrimmage he failed to score. Two fouls were granted, one off Ross, the other off Thomson, from each of which the sides nearly scored. Watson and Turner brought the leather into such close proximity to the Aberdeen goal that the latter found little difficulty in securing the first point for the Vics. Whitehead and Turner had both hard lines in not scoring. From a scrimmage at the goal mouth Ferries scored, which was soon after replied to by Key easily notching a second point for Aberdeen. At half-time the scores stood: Aberdeen 2, Victoria 2.
On restarting the Aberdeen, led by Brown, pressed, but danger was temporarily averted by a rush from Watson. A few rapid transferences of play from end to end finally terminated in Whitehead scoring from a pass from Mitchell. Thus stimulated, Duffus and Turner broke away, and a lovely shot off the latter again equalised matters. Cannon was put on his mettle once or twice, but was always equal to the occasion. Both sides forced the game. The exertions of Turner and Watson were lucky again, the stalwart one heading the ball through. As the result of a splendid dribble of more than half the field, Key again put Aberdeen on an equal footing. Watson added another goal, and after this the play was entirely on the Aberdeen side. Whitehead shot a smart goal, but it was disallowed as offside. Just on the close however, they equalised, making the game a draw of 5 goals each. Worthy of commendation among the for¬wards were Turner, Watson, Ferries, Key, Brown, and Whitehead. The kicking of Wood and Simpson was much admired, as well as the defence of Cobban and Cannon.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 20th April 1891

The above teams met at Chanonry on Saturday last before a large crowd, and treated the spectators to as fast and exciting a game as ever two local teams engaged in. Aberdeen lost the toss, and kicked off facing the sun, and with a slight wind in their favour, they quickly made tracks for Cannon, but were driven back. Fast, open play followed, runs from goal to goal being frequent, Aberdeen at length forced a corner, and the ball being got out, Reith at half-back, with a swift low shot, scored the first goal of the match for the Whites. From the kick-off the Vics collared the ball and rushed down on Cobban. Turner sent fine ball beautifully across the goal mouth, which was forced through, and this was the signal for an outbreak of cheering. Encouraged at their success, the Blues got lively, and followed shortly after with a second point, thus putting them one up. Key now had a beautiful run, and the backs bungling, he drilled to within six yards of Cannon and let drive. Half-time now sounded.

After a much-needed few minutes - for the pace was a cracker - the teams again faced one another level. The Aberdeen were again the first to score, on which the Vics fairly pinned them in their corner, and Watson equalised by heading through. By hard pressing the visitors managed to put selves in the lead, Watson doing the needful, Aberdeen equalised, and this was the order of the game, each team scoring three times in the second half, and a hard fought game ended in a draw of 5 goals each. The last two goals got by the Whites were rather soft, and could easily have been saved had Cannon been all right. Unfortunately, he got injured shortly after the commencement of the second half. The game was pleasantly contested, and singularly free from intentional fouls. Cobban, in goal, played an admirable game, while the defence of Ketchen and Wood was very fine. Of the halves, Reith - although not a speedy man - was the neatest and cleanest tackler, at the same time putting in a lot of effective work. Key was the most prominent of the forwards, his passing and shooting being extremely fine, and Whitehead, who was playing remarkably well, came next. Brown was better than last week, keeping his place and feeding his partner much better. Mitchell and Robertson played a very effective game, the centring of the former being especially good. Cannon, for the visitors, was in one of his best moods, and again and again sent the Aberdeen forwards away empty handed. The backs were "flukey", and not up to their usual standard. The halves are a grand line; the feature of the match being the fine defensive tactics of Stewart, who - although not feeding the forwards like the other two - was putting in a vast amount of saving work. Turner and Sinclair are a capital pair, tricking their opponents time after time. They were very effective, as is shown by all the goals coming from this wing. Watson played well; up to the latter end he seemed fagged out, and rather slow in front of goal, but otherwise he performed r creditably. Ferries and Wallace on the left, although they executed some fast and pretty runs, utterly failed in front of goal. Ferries ought to shoot and centre on the run as he formerly did, while Wallace would be none the worse of having a try at goal occasionally.

Source: Northern Figaro, 25th April 1891

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Cobban; Ketchen, Wood; Reith, McDonald, Jamieson; Mitchell,Robertson, Key, Brown, Whitehead


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Cannon; Simpson, Ririe; Ross, Stewart, Duffus; Turner, Sinclair, Watson, Wallace, Ferries



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