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match report 1890-91 fixture list
Charity Cup Final 
Victoria United 2 - 2 Orion
Kick Off:  3:30 PM   Duffus, Turner       Gloag, Stewart (o.g.)  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
On Saturday afternoon the Orion and the Victoria United met in the final round of the charity cup ties at the Victoria Ground. The "gate" was most gratifying. The Orion men immediately broke away, and within two minutes from the commencement Gloag had cleverly scored the first goal. Play was transferred by Turner and Watson to the Orion end, but they were unable to maintain their aggression for any time. Gordon and Gloag again threatened the Victoria goal, and would have scored but for the smart defence and the reliable kicking of the backs, Simpson and Ririe. A determined tussle was made at the Victoria goal, but Cannon's exceedingly good saving changed the complexion of affairs. An opportunity then presented itself for equalising the game, when Watson, although he had an open field quite near the Orion goal, unfortunately kicked the ball past the line. Again the Victoria goal was assailed, but danger was temporarily averted until a foul was given off Duffus, from which Jarvis placed a kick well home, which Stewart, in attempting to stop, headed through his own goal. At half-time the Orion were leading by 2 coals to nil. Early in the second half it was apparent that the Victoria were playing up to win, and, indeed, they had most of the play. Watson relieved the first charge of the Orion, and a corner was scored by the Victoria, which they failed to improve upon. Gordon and Gloag dribbled well up the field, and forced a corner. The tables were soon turned by Turner and Watson, who came well away, the result being that Duffus found little difficulty in scoring the first goal for the Victoria. Following up this success, Turner smartly scored, thus equalising the game. Two fouls were given against the Victoria near their goal, which seriously threatened additional scoring for the Orion. Ultimately the game ended in a draw: 2 goals each. Noticing the play of the forwards, Gloag and Gordon appeared to advantage for the Orion, and Turner and Watson for the Victoria, although the last named was not so conspicuous as on the previous Saturday at Chanonry. The Victoria backs, Simpson and Ririe, were the best on the field, although Duffus and Ross did some good work, as also did Jarvis for the Orion.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 27th April 1891

Above two clubs faced each other on Saturday last at Victoria Bridge Grounds to decide he championship. The Orion won the toss, and ticked off with the breeze. They early assumed the aggressive, and Ririe missing his kick, Gloag rushed in and banged the ball through a minute from the start. From the kick-off play was more equal, the ground team gallantly holding their own and making repeated inroads to the Orion goal-keeper, and one grand opportunity was lost. Black and Watson were both past the backs, when Watson, a few yards from goal, put the leather past. From a foul in front of the Blue's goal, Stewart unfortunately headed the ball through his own goal, which gave the Orion 2 points. Half-time now sounded. on re-entering the field, it was seen that the ground men were to put forth all they knew, and right well they did it. Coming away with a rush they were on Low, and two minutes from the kick-off were 1 up, Sinclair having smartly put Edwards and ball last Low. Encouraged by the enthusiastic cheering, the Vics again came away, led on in an irresistible rush by Turner, when a shot by him took effect. This placed the teams on an equality, and excitement was now at fever heat. Both teams strove hard for mastery, the Vics having most of the exchanges. The players were too much excited, and the combination fell away considerably. Neither team could put through the winning point, ad the whistle blew - a draw of 2 goals each.

Source: Northern Figaro, 2nd May 1891

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Cannon; Simpson, Ririe; Ross, Stewart, Duffus; Turner, Sinclair, Watson, Wallace, Ferries


Orion Teamsheet:  Low; Edwards, Foote; Jarvis, McKay, McBain; Gloag, Legget, Gordon, Andrews, Whitehead


Referee: Mr. Dunn

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