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match report 1890-91 fixture list
The Aberdeen 4 - 4 Cameron Highlanders
Kick Off:  3:30 PM   Key, Key, Turner, Whitehead        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
This fixture was played off at Chanonry Grounds. Consequent on the miserable, rainy weather which prevailed throughout the whole day, a poorer assemblage than usual honoured the game with their presence. With the exception of a few dashing and redeeming features, the game hardly came up to the standard of play lately seen in our best local matches. A draw of 4 goals each ought to have been a victory to Aberdeen, but through an unaccountable degeneration towards the end of the game they were unable to maintain the precedence they asserted in the earlier part of the match. However, it would be but fair to state of the Cameronians that the nature of the ground was entirely disadvantageous, and relying as they did on their combination, their efforts in that direction were completely "at sea," owing to the slippery condition of the ground. The ball was kicked off at 3'45, and Turner, with the leather at his toes, came well home into the Cameronian territory. After a temporary relief, he charged again, and, planting the ball in the centre line, Key almost scored, the goalkeeper being all but through the posts. Again Aberdeen pressed, and, thanks to a well-placed kick from Key, the first goal was scored. From good combination by Key, Robertson, and Turner, a smart attack was made on the Highlanders' defence, but the backs and goal managed to raise the siege. The Edinburgh men broke away and scored a corner, but the Aberdeen rallied again, headed by Key and Turner, changed the scene of operations, the former quickly adding another point with the assistance of a good kick from the latter. Still the northern team maintained the aggressive, and with Whitehead, Turner, and Key on the ball, further scoring was imminent. Now the Cameronians pressed, but Ketchen relieved with a fine kick. Two fouls were given then, and from the last, off Wood, they nearly scored, but Caithness succeeded, by hitting out, in clearing the line. From a corner the Cameronians' right wing man shot a very clean goal. Brown soon after got winded by a kick, and the game was stopped for a few seconds. Aberdeen again pressed, Key and Turner being prominent in the van. Twice Key nearly scored. After a few intermittent rushes the whistle blew at half-time with Aberdeen leading by 2 to 1.
Play was resumed amid a heavy downfall of rain. To Brown and the Victoria crack opportunities were given for scoring, but they were not good enough. Aberdeen secured a corner, but failed to improve upon their advantage. A sharp volley from Key was well saved by the goalkeeper, but a foul was allowed against him for running out with the ball. Nothing resulted, from Aberdeen's dangerous proximity, but they did not relinquish their attack, Cobban feeding, the forwards well with judicious kicking. Two fouls off Aberdeen brought the Cameronians nearer and nearer, and from the last off Ketchen, quite near the line, they scored their second goal and equalised. Thus called upon, Aberdeen set to their work, and Turner shot a third point, with the cleverest kick of the match, from a pass by Robertson. Following up their success, Key passed to Whitehead after a good run, and still another goal resulted. With an open field in front of him, Brown muddled an easy chance. Breaking away, the Cameronians added another goal, and continued their attack, but the Aberdeen defence was too good for some time, until Caithness, in making a wild rush at the ball, missed it, and allowed a very quiet bit of scoring. Alternations of play from end to end continued until time, play being very equal. A most friendly game ended in a draw of 4 goals each.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 4th May 1891

Above met at Chanonry on Saturday last, in presence of a fair turn-out of spectators. The ground was in bad condition, and good play was therefore out of the question. The Aberdeen in the opening period had decided hard lines in not scoring oftener than they did, the ball striking the crossbar or uprights and refusing to go through. Half-time result, 2-1 in favour of Aberdeen. The second half the visitors played much the smarter game, their quick, short passing completely baffling the White's defence, but they failed to take advantage of their numerous chances in goal mouth, and a pleasantly contested game ended in a draw of four goals each. Turner, the Victoria's right winger, gave a hand to the Chanonry men.


That Chanonry was looking rather dismal on Saturday, but towards the end of the game Old Sol appeared, and with his appearance our spirits went up.
That there were only four men on the Aberdeen side who could be credited with playing anything like a good game - Ketchen, Cobban, Turner, and Key.
That, taken all over, the Camerons were much smarter than the ground men, and their goalkeeper - well, he was a striking contrast to Caithness.
That Umpire John was seen to smile as Caithness allowed the fourth goal to run in.
That Morley raised a good laugh when, a few yards from goal, with only the goalkeeper to beat, he let drive at a corner flag.
That Turner and Key played the front line's game, the former being responsible for most of the points, his centering in front of goal being well done, while Willie took advantage of it.

Source: Northern Figaro, 9th May 1891

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Caithness; Ketchen, Wood; McDonald, Jamieson, Cobban; Turner, Robertson, Key, Brown, Whitehead


Cameron Highlanders Teamsheet: 



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