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match report 1891-92 fixture list
Scottish Cup First Round Replay 
Orion 5 - 1 Victoria United
Kick Off:  3:30 PM   Andrews, Innes, Innes, ?, ?       Sinclair,  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
At Central Park, the ground of the Orion F.C., these clubs met in their undecided Scottish cup tie. There was a very large attendance of spectators, great interest being manifested in the match. In the first half the Victoria played up the hill, and for a quarter of an hour they pressed their opponents severely. Numerous shots were directed at the homesters' citadel, but careful and vigorous play prevented scoring. Settling down, the stripes exhibited fine passing, and repeatedly the ball was carried close to the Victoria stronghold. Gray, Thomson, and Ririe, however, again and again baffled all the attempts on the part of the Orion to score, and play then raged in midfield for some time. The United were playing disjointedly, and their endeavours to break away were easily frustrated by the Kittybrewster players. Gloag and Leggat were showing grandly on the right, and times without number bamboozled the defence opposed to them. Half an hour of the period had gone ere blood was drawn. The home forwards broke through the Victoria ranks in rare style, and Andrews, who was entrusted with the final kick, promptly sent the leather through. The cheering which greeted this success was terrific, and it was renewed as the Orion again swarmed round the strangers' posts immediately on kicking off from the centre. Corners were common, and often the ball was all but through the goal. Ultimately another point fell to the stripes, Innes giving the ball the coup de grace. Turner and Black were the pick of the United forwards, although Ferris was showing up better than usual. Gordon, however, frequently baffled the former couple, and prevented them from ever becoming really dangerous. Considering that the game was a cup tie, the play was surprisingly good, but rough play occasionally snowed itself. Half-time found the score unaltered.

Play at the start of the second period was greatly in favour of the blues, who for some time pressed continuously and had hard lines in not scoring. Hickie, in centre, did not keep the other forwards very well together, and his shooting was also erratic. Gloag and Leggat initiated a beautiful run for the home team, and the other forwards joining in, the ball was placed beyond the reach of Gray by Innes, and a third point fell to be chronicled by the stripes. Not disheartened in the least by their reverses, the blues played up with renewed vigour, but were unlucky in front of goal. Corners they failed to improve upon, and several chances to score were thrown away by sheer carelessness. However, after several ineffectual tries, Sinclair managed to pierce the Orion defence. After this the visiting eleven played up with renewed vigour, and had very hard lines in not augmenting their total. The Orion were not to be denied, however, and before the call of time they added other two goals, and the match ultimately ended: Orion, 5; Victoria, United, 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 14th September 1891

These teams met at Kittybrewster to decide the entrant for the second round of the Scottish Cup. The day was broiling and must have been agonizing to the players. The interest in the game was thoroughly aroused by the drawn game the previous week and close on 3000 spectators witnessed the game. The blues in a body took the field first, followed shortly by the Orion. Both teams were loudly cheered by their respective supporters. The official referee having failed to put in an appearance, Mr John Melville, Aberdeen F.C. was asked to officiate. Fifteen minutes late the Orion kicked off downhill, when Ririe returned and the Vics, were up at Lumsden in a twinkling, but Ferries' try went behind. Nothing daunted they again pulled themŽselves together and for the next ten minutes fairly pinned in the Orion, but without any effect. The Stripes front rank now wakened up and playing in a surprisingly clever manner, they managed to beat Gray after about twenty minutes' play. Not to be denied they again came away and shortly before half-time gained a second point. No further scoring took place in the first half when the whistle blew.

After a few minutes longer rest than usual the teams again took the field, the Vics, this time having the incline in their favour, so their supporters were sanguine of their yet being able to pull off the match. Things looked well for them at the commencement, but breaking away the Orion succeeded in putting on a third point. This had a disheartening effect on the Victoria players, who nevertheless made renewed efforts and were rewarded with their solitary point from a scrimmage in front of goal. The Vics, defence were now making herculean efforts, but the forwards were worthless and an utter failure in front of goal. The Orion gained a fourth goal which still further demoralised their visitors, and close on time notched their fifth and last point, thus bringing their total up to five goals.

The Orion thoroughly deserved their win. It was not so much superior play as confidence and pluck - favoured with luck - that won their game. All the same, I congratulate them on the successful opening of their grounds. For the winners Lumsden in goal was surprisingly smart for so young and inexperienced a player, and cleared his charge like a veteran. Foote and Edwards at back were a tower of strength. The halves were in improved form, Gordon being the pick, although his tactics were far from nice on several occasions. Gloag and Leggat worked like a book, while the centre is now in capable hands, and shows improvement every week. Andrews surprised even his most ardent supporters by the really smart play he showed, while Mackay made a creditable first appearance.

On the losing side Gray was extremely poor, failing to clear his goal on the several occasions that opportunity afforded. Thomson played a much better game than on the previous Saturday. He is a grand kick and as he gains confidence will improve ; that the play is in him there is no doubt. Ririe was playing his usual dashing game until severely injured near the close of second-half; it was astonishing how he kept the field so long. The halves were a little under their usual form although all the three played a hard telling game. Turner was too well watched to do anything brilliant, besides he has a bad habit of lying away at half. Black was again the best forward on his side; while Hickie has improved a little, but Sinclair was useless, this no doubt being partly accounted for owing to his being unwell. Ferries on the extreme played rather better, but was far from being in his best form.

Source: Northern Figaro, 19th September 1891


Short Passes

Ecstasy and joy are presently at Central Park. Contrary to expectations the result was a wide one.
Most of the spectators were confident of seeing - not a brilliant game - but a closer result.
A "funk" seemed to come over the visitors latterly.
Mr Howie was so overcome with joy when the Stripes scored their third goal, that he came off his "rostrum like a "rummel o' bricks."
Gray was fearfully slow and nervous ; he has lost all his old " go." Lammy on the other hand was very frisky.
Turner made a mistake on winning the toss to play up hill.
Ririe got a nasty injury to his arm so that it hung useless during all the second half.
Gordon went from half to full back in the second half, thus making three backs.
It was the safe game.
Mackay (late of Caley) made his first appearance at Central on Saturday.
If he does not stop longer than his two former club mates, he will be of no great service to them.
It was quite apparent that Andrew's week off had done him a power of good, as he played as he never played before.
One or two on the other side would be none the worse of a little rest. It might waken them up.
Rumour has it that a startling reformation in the Vic ranks is on the move.

Source: Northern Figaro, 19th September 1891

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Referee: Mr. John Melville, Aberdeen FC

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