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match report 1891-92 fixture list
Victoria United 3 - 1 Forfar Athletic
Kick Off:  4:15 PM   Stewart, Sinclair, Sinclair       Bowman  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Played at Victoria Bridge Grounds, Torry, on Saturday. There was a good attendance of spectators, notwithstanding the counter attraction at Holburn. The Athletic kicked off against a strong wind, and immediately the United made an incursion into their opponents' ground, but the attack was repulsed. A corner fell to the lot of the Whites, and the Forfar citadel narrowly escaped disaster. A good combined run by the visitors' front rank resulted in a couple of corners, being conceded, and for a period things looked ominous for the Whites, but a good defence prevailed, and the Stripes were for the moment repelled. Another raid was essayed, however, and the Athletic experienced considerably hard lines. Bowman sent in a pretty shot, which struck the cross bar and went over. Aided by the wind the "Vics." got dangerously near, and a good shot by Stewart had the desired effect. A few minutes afterwards Sinclair added another goal. The Athletics came away in good style, but their customary ill luck attended them. After a spell of uninteresting play, the United again assumed the aggressive, and Sinclair was fortunate in notching a third point. The Athletic retaliated, and Bowman scored, but off-side was granted. Towards the close of this half the visitors looked like scoring, but their efforts were futile, and ends were changed with the score standing in favour of the United by 3 goals to nil.
On resuming the Forfarians rushed to the home goal, and a good shot by Mann was given the coup, de grace by Bowman. So far successful, it appeared the stripes would carry the game, but, although most of the play was confined to home territory during this half, Forfar failed to augment their score, and a somewhat disappointing struggle resulted: Victoria United, 3 goals; Forfar Athletic, 1.
The Athletic had, if anything, the best of the game, but their scoring powers were at a minimum. Several good chances were afforded them to score, but the forwards were disorganised, and their repeated onslaughts were consequently of no avail. Macgregor, the new importation into the front rank, put in all he knew, and only requires better judgment to qualify him for the position he held on Saturday. Shepherd was the best of the quintette. Bowman was not up to the standard, and might have gained decided advantage had he bestowed a little more attention to the "comforts" of his adversaries. Mann was the best of a hard-wrought trio of halves. Maclean, for his first appearance, gave evidence of becoming an acquisition to the team. Cable and Stormonth were in good form, while Muckersie kept a good goal. On the whole the display of the visitors was a considerable improvement on their play the previous Saturday, when the Our Boys (Dundee) inflicted a 6 to 2 defeat upon them. The Athletic visit the Granite City on 10th October, and unless decided improvement is manifested they can only look for another defeat. The United men seem to be improving rapidly, but their preponderance won the game for them on Saturday. Ririe, Duffus, and Ferries were awanting, but good men occupied their places. In goal Low was pretty safe, while, the backs played a good game. The trio of halves played splendidly, Hickie particularly being conspicuous at centre. Stewart also put in a deal of effective work, and afforded no end of amusement to the more partial section of the assemblage of onlookers, but he might choose a more suitable place than the football field for his buffoonery. Turner and Sinclair played a splendid game, and were backed up well by the centre and left wing.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 28th September 1891

The Forfar Athletic paid their first visit to Aberdeen on Saturday and sustained a 3-1 defeat. They are a Northern League team, and the only one which has received a reverse at the hands of a local team. The Vics were without the services of Ririe and Duffus, Turner filling the place of the latter at centre in the first half, while Thompson stood at left back. Forfar kicked off and were the first to look dangerous; Stewart, however, relieved, and the ground men paid a visit to Muckersie, but the shot went wide. Midfield play now took place, each holding their own. It was some time ere Stewart sent a beautiful shot from the touch line which went sailing through. Each team now strove, and shortly after the Vics added a second point by Sinclair, who scored with a ground shot, followed by the same player adding a third, half time sounded 3-0.

The second half was much about the same as the first, and some time elapsed ere Bowman scored for the strangers, offside being claimed but the goal was given. Bowman and Stewart were the source of much laughter with the bouts they had with one another.

Source: Northern Figaro, 3rd October 1891



The Vics, are the first to beat a League team.
The ground men were confident of victory.
Buiks [sic. Binks] got rather severely hurt, and retired for 20 minutes of the first half. He appeared at half-time and was warmly applauded, but was forced to retire again before the finish.
Torry presented a busy scene on Monday, and thousands invaded the grounds, Everything went off nicely, and everybody was pleased.
So also are the Executive. I don't wonder at it!
What looked like an utter failure turned out an utter success. So much for enterprise.

Source: Northern Figaro, 3rd October 1891

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Low; Simpson, Thompson; Ross, Hickie, Stewart; Turner, Sinclair, Binks, Black, Wallace


Forfar Athletic Teamsheet:  Muckersie; Stormonth, Cable; McLean, Taylor, Mann; Bowman, Macfarlane, Anderson, Macgregor, Shepherd



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