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AFC - Match Report
match report 1891-92 fixture list
Northern League 
The Aberdeen 2 - 2 Forfar Athletic
Kick Off:    Whitehead, Whitehead       Anderson, Mann  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
One Point upwards.
This league fixture came off at Chanonry on Saturday afternoon in the presence of a large turnout of spectators. It is but fair to state that the strangers were not represented to their full strength.
Forfar kicked off against a slight breeze, and invaded, but were easily repulsed. For the matter of ten minutes neither team asserted their supremacy, until after a more concerted attack than usual Anderson on the right scored the first goal for his side. But not for long were the strangers allowed to lead. A fine combined rush on the part of the centre and left Aberdeen for-wards ended in Whitehead putting a swift and pretty shot past the Forfar custodian. The strangers replied with a good charge, but Cobban relieved, and Brown taking the sphere under his care, transferred it to the strangers' territory. In this dangerous quarter for them, Mitchell sent in a hot delivery, but the ball was kept out, though not for long. From a clever pass from Key, Whitehead again was successful in scoring. From this point until half-time play was indiscriminate and slack, several chances being missed on both sides. A corner being con¬ceded to the Forfar, a sharp tussle took place at the home goal mouth, and the ball was scrimmaged through, but the point was disallowed. At half-time the game stood: Aberdeen 2, Forfar 1.
Immediately after the start the strangers got a corner, from which nothing resulted. Key and Brown then played a good combination game, and a grand opportunity was lost by the former not kicking in time, although the cries all over the field were "Shoot!" The same player had a similar chance offered to him soon after, but the same result as before followed. In the course of a scrimmage at the Forfar goal mouth, a penalty kick was given against Stormonth. Key sent in a swift shot, but Muckersie was equal to the occasion. Some fine long kicking was indulged in by the backs, and, after a short term of aggressive play, the Aberdeen were driven into their own territory. For the remainder of the game, the ground men were frequently hemmed in, lacking dash, and it was only intermittently that they broke away with a run. Two fouls were given to the strangers, the danger of which was finely averted by the backs' kicking. Alternate transmission of play from end to end was the order until within a few minutes from the call of time, when Mann, on the left, sent in a magnificent shot, beating the Aberdeen goalkeeper completely. With only a minute to play, the home team had little chance of retrieving their position, and although they made a determined effort to lead, the whistle blew to the tune of a draw: Aberdeen 2, Forfar Athletic 2.
Little can be said of the individual play. The Aberdeen men were the heavier lot, and ought to have registered a victory. Among the foremost rank, Mitchell, at right wing, played a game which promises a conspicuous future. None of his compeers in the same rank, with the exception of Whitehead and Brown occasionally, played up to their usual style. The backs generally did good work. Of the Forfar men, Stormonth for his kicking was much admired. Muckersie was good in goal.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 12th October 1891

In their third League engagement the Aberdeen - without their full team - did not fare so badly as on the two former occasions. Had they been pointless after this game I would have had no hesitation in saying they would be the wooden spoonists, but after their Saturday's stand and with their new men added, I hope to see the Whites climb the ladder. Regarding Saturday's play, Ritchie in goal performed a lot of work in a most masterly fashion, having hardly any support from his backs who were both off their usual game. Cobban was by far the best of the halfs, and held Bowman well in check. McDonald, as usual, almost ran himself off his legs, being always eager and willing but lacking judgment. Keith did fairly well. Mitchell on the outside right, played a grand game, his runs and centres being extremely well done. "Morley" did not shine as usual, and Key was too well watched. Sands played a miserable game. No doubt the forcible work had to do with this; this gentleman can play football, but only if left free and not hustled. Frank Whitehead was off his usual a good bit, although his efforts, by which he scored, were masterpieces.

Source: Northern Figaro, 17th October 1891

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ritchie; Ketchen, Wood; Reith, McDonald, Cobban; Mitchell, W, S. Brown, Key, Sands, Whitehead


Forfar Athletic Teamsheet:  Muckersie; Stormonth, Bell; J McLean, Taylor, Mann; Bowman, Anderson, Cable, McGregor, Shepherd.



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