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match report 1891-92 fixture list
Scottish Cup Third Round 
Orion 1 - 3 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:  3:30 PM   Leggat       Whitehead, Thomson, Key  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
Whites again!
At the Central Park, Kittybrewster, over 3000 interested spectators assembled to witness these teams meet in the third round of the Scottish cup ties. The afternoon was dull and cloudy, and owing to the recent rains the ground was soft and slippery. Aberdeen were at their strongest, and the Orion had the assistance of J. Findlay, of the Montrose club, who, it is stated, is to settle in the city. Much excitement prevailed when the Chanonry centre started the ball up the hill. It was at once evident that the game was to be a fast one. Orion having the advantage of the incline, were having the best of the game. Gloag and Leggat on the right, and Innes in the centre, were giving much trouble to the Whites' defence, but Ketchen and Wood were always able to meet the attack successfully. Steadying themselves, the Aberdeen forwards took up the running. Whitehead had several fine rushes, and a quarter of an hour from the start from one of these the Aberdeen left winger scored for his side amid applause. After this reverse the Stripes had decidedly the best of the game. Again and again they got within shooting distance, but the magnificent play of Ritchie at goal, and Ketchen, prevented scoring. Findlay and Andrews, on the Orion left, were well looked after, and seldom became dangerous. Gordon was playing a fine game at half-back for the Orion, his tackling and returns being frequently cheered. Whitehead had to retire, on account of an injury, before half time, and thus seriously handicapped the visitors, but, nevertheless, despite the attacks of their opponents, they managed to keep their goal intact, and at half-time the scores remained unaltered: Aberdeen 1, Orion 0.
Whitehead reappeared in the second half, but he was of very little use. The Whites commenced with great dash, and were soon surrounding the home goal. The backs managed to clear, and then the Stripes were away to the other end in a twinkling. Back came the Chanonry forwards, and Mitchell passing nicely from the right, Thomson managed to chronicle a second point. Nothing daunted the homesters stuck in manfully, and kept their opponents on the defensive for some time. A foul was granted them at close quarters, and, after an exciting scrimmage, the ball was rushed through amid tremendous cheering. Play now became faster than ever, and the excitement rose to fever-heat. Both goals were laid under siege in turn, and every kick was lustily applauded. From a beautifully placed kick by "Scott" (half-back), Key notched a third goal for Aberdeen. The Stripes struggled bravely to make up their leeway, but all to no purpose, and they took their exit from the Scottish ties with a score of 3 goals to 1 against them.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 19th October 1891

It is not every day that a crowd of such magnitude, as that of last Saturday, is seen at Central Park, but the fact of these two old rivals facing each other was sufficient to attract all enthusiasts to witness the local "Derby." Over 40 was scooped at the gate, close on 3,000 spectators being present, eager to watch the struggle for supremacy to reach the round in the Scottish competition. The Orion won the toss, and elected to play downhill. Key kicked off against the incline, the pass being intercepted, and in a twinkling the Orion forwards were down on Ritchie, but the defence proved too strong. Time and again were the home men down on the Aberdeen citadel but had nothing save hard lines. They were having decidedly the best of the play meantime, after which, a rot set in amongst the forwards who deteriorated considerably. Frank Whitehead was conspicuous on the left wing of the Aberdeen, and after about fifteen minutes' play he scored, by a piece of brilliant manoeuvring, the first proper goal of the match. Previous to this, the Stripes had a goal disallowed for offside. Through colliding with Edwards, Whitehead had to leave the field for the remainder of the first half, thus leaving the Whites playing ten men, in spite of which, they held their own, and more. Half-time sounded with the scores 1-0 in favour of the visitors.

On the reappearance of the teams it was evident that Whitehead was suffering keenly, and was of little use during the game. The Whites were first to attack but failed to penetrate. The Orion had several breaks away which were always frustrated. Shortly after, Aberdeen caught the ball and rushing down Thomson, lowered the Orion colours for the second time. From the kick off Key made a glaring miss a few feet from the goal; a lot of hard play followed, Findlay, breaking away for the ground men, centred beautifully, and Leggat banged through the first and only point. This infused more life into the Orion, and pluckily did they fight on, but were seldom if ever over mid field. It was now Aberdeen's turn, and with a swift low shot, Key scored the third point for Aberdeen, who thus won by 3 goals to 1.

Orion fought gallantly and were only beaten when the whistle blew. All through, the game was far from being a scientific display, kicking and hard following up being the order ; nevertheless, it was a paying game, the swift Aberdeen men seizing every opportunity.

Source: Northern Figaro

Orion Teamsheet:  Lumsden; Foote, Miller; Wright, Low, Gordon; Gloag, Leggat, Innes, Andrews, J. Findlay


The Aberdeen Teamsheet: 



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