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AFC - Match Report
match report 1891-92 fixture list
Northern League 
Montrose 9 - 3 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 0
Venue: Links Park, Montrose
This match took place on Links Park in splendid weather. Aberdeen won the toss, and Montrose kicked off with the sun in their hacks. At the start Aberdeen pressed, and McKie, the Montrose goalkeeper, was forced to fist out. Coming away, however, Montrose had a combined run, and twice the Aberdeen custodian was called upon to save. Breaking away, the whites invaded, and from a shot from the right wing drew first blood. Nettled at this reverse the Stripes rushed up and equalised the game amid great cheering. Keeping up the pressure, Montrose got the leather well along the field, but they were unfortunate for a time at goalmouth. Before long, however, they succeeded in putting themselves in the lead, Falconer doing the needful. Shortly afterwards Keillor added another goal to the total. The Granite City men then came away, and forced McKie to fist out. Not to be denied, however, the whites invaded, but they were quickly repulsed, and the stripes broke away. Give-and-take play followed for some time. From a corner Thornton headed through the fourth goal for the gable-endies. Another corner to Montrose proved resultless. Again the stripes had a run, and Keillor added another point with a beautiful shot. No more scoring took place during the first period of the game, which ended with the score standing: Montrose, 5;Aberdeen, 1.
On resuming, Aberdeen at once invaded, and, through a blunder on the part of McKie, the whites scored their second goal. On the ball being restarted it was at once transferred to Montrose territory, and again an easy goal was scored. Wakening up, the whites again scored. Give-and-take play was now the feature of the game, each team having runs. Working the ball well up the field, Montrose got the leather into their opponents' territory, but it was eventually sent back. The stripes again returned to the charge, and the ball was forced through by Falconer. No more scoring took place, and the game ended with the scores: Montrose 9, Aberdeen 3.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 24th October 1891

Aberdeen got rather a severe drop in their League Engagement at Montrose, but the Aberdeen had far more of the game than the score indicates. They had extremely hard lines over and over again, in addition to which the Montrose were awarded two decidedly offside goals, which in nowise tended to hearten the visitors, who were without the services of F, Whitehead, Mollison filling the vacancy.

Source: Northern Figaro, 31st October 1891

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