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AFC - Match Report
match report 1891-92 fixture list
Scottish Cup Fourth Round 
The Aberdeen 2 - 1 Dalmuir Thistle
Kick Off:    ?, Key       McLellan  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
At Chanonry in favourable weather, and in presence of a large attendance of spectators. Both clubs were strongly represented, and an exciting game was anticipated. The visiting team came with a splendid reputation, and were well received.
Play opened in favour of the homesters, who conducted a smart attack on the Dalmuir citadel. Combining neatly, the Aberdeen fronts got round the opposing backs, but the parting effort went wide of the mark. The six yards' kick was secured by the locals, and by clever manipulation the leather was soon again in the vicinity of the strangers' goal. Two corners were secured, but both were abortive. Pulling themselves together the western men removed danger from their territory, and away they went to the other end. The home half-backs were eluded like a flash, and Ketchen and Wood were also given the slip. Down on Ritchie the Dalmuir forwards came and McLellan smartly shot the leather through and scored the first goal of the match. Long kicking between the backs characterised the play for some time, but gradually the game opened out, and some pretty passing was indulged in by the forwards of each team. The Chanonry eleven were having the best of matters, but performed miserably in front of goal, and threw away numerous chances. On the other hand, the strangers exhibited some clever passing, but the powerful play of Ketchen and Wood prevented them from scoring. Corners fell to Aberdeen, and the Dalmuir defence was sorely taxed, but the ball could not be got through, and at half-time the scores were: Thistle, 1 ; Aberdeen, 0.
Starting on the second period, both elevens played determinedly, and much enthusiasm prevailed round the ropes. Aberdeen received encouragement from all sides, and any bit of good play shown by the visitors was loudly cheered. The play of the home team improved as time wore on, and eagerly was the equalising point looked for. Whitehead put in a lot of beautiful work on the left, and Key in centre passed most unselfishly. After the visitors had been repulsed, the locals were granted a foul near their opponents' goal. The kick was well taken, and the backs being hustled, the ball was rushed through amid deafening cheers. Every member of the home team then wrought desperately in order to secure the winning point. For fully ten minutes the Dunbartonshire goal was hotly besieged, and had the shooting been less execrable, several goals must have been registered. Ineffectually the strangers tried to overcome the home defence, and then Key had the run of the day, passing all opposition, and finishing by adding the winning point. Prolonged cheering greeted this performance. Play was hard till the finish, but no further scoring occurred. Result: Aberdeen, 2; Thistle, 1.
Mr J. R. Hunter, Montrose, acted as referee, and his decisions gave the utmost satisfaction. This is the first time in the history of the Aberdeen Club that they have reached the fifth round in the competition for the Scottish cup.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 9th November 1891

The centre of attraction was the Cup tie at Chanonry between the Aberdeen and Dalmuir Thistle. The Aberdeen were lucky to secure the Thistle to visit us, or I am afraid we would have been minus a fifth round representative if the tie had been played from home. All through the first half the Whites did most pressing but were wretched in their shooting, and failed to pierce the defence. The Thistle were more lucky, and at half time led by 1 goal to nil.

Aberdeen scored shortly after commencement of second half, and Key single handed, by a piece of magnificent dribbling, managed to notch the second and winning point of the game, the Aberdeen thus entering - for the first time - into the fifth round of the national trophy. They will now be drawn amongst the exempted few, and we shall probably have a treat in store for us at the next drawing, should the ballot prove favourable to the Whites.

Source: Northern Figaro, 14th November 1891

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ritchie; Ketchen, Wood; Rose, Reith, Cobban; Robison, Taylor, Key, Thomson, Whitehead.


Dalmuir Thistle Teamsheet:  Fletcher; Aitken, Cross; Saunders, Morrison, Fairley; Malcolm, Robertson, McLellan, Keir, Inglis.


Referee: Mr. J. R. Hunter, Montrose

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