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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Victoria United 3 - 1 Kilmarnock
Kick Off:    McIlveney, Macpherson, Burnett        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Defeat of League Champions.
The Victoria United yesterday met the Kilmarnock in a friendly at Torry, before a large turnout of spectators. The ground was somewhat heavy after the night's rain. Mr J. Philip, Aberdeen, was referee, and the teams lined up as follows: United: Findlay; McNeil, Allan; Russell, Moffat, Mackenzie; Macpherson, Burnett, McIlveney, Henderson, R. Ritchie. Kilmarnock: McAllan; Busby, Doig; McPherson, Anderson, Johnstone; Maitland, Muir, Campbell, Reid, Findlay. The game opened with fast play, first appearances pointing to the teams being pretty equally matched. Findlay, at the outset, smartly staved off two dangerous attacks on his charge, and a few minutes afterwards the citadel of the strangers narrowly escaped downfall. First blood was drawn by the ground team, McIlveney landing the ball neatly in the net off a pass from the right; and after an exhibition of tricky play in midfield, the United again bore down on the foreign goal, Macpherson scoring with ease. The latter player registered another point a few minutes later, but it was given off-side, as was a following goal by Burnett after a fine run by R. Ritchie. The first point got by the Kilmarnock was notched off a corner by one of the half line. The ball was kept in rapid motion throughout the remainder of the first period, but although there were some brilliant efforts, there was no further scoring, the teams changing with the United leading by 2 goals to 1.

The play at the commencement of the second half was scarcely up to the standard of that which had characterised the first, but the teams soon settled down into their previous form. The leather was rapidly carried from one goal to the other, but the quick action of the custodians - or lucky chance - preserved both nets till Burnett finished off a smart piece of dribbling with a clean shot, which McAllan failed to negotiate. The local men fusiladed the Kilmarnock goal for a brief period afterwards, but the defence relieved, and a visit was made over the line. It was fruitless, however, and an unsuccessful return to McAllan was followed by some passages in midfield, attention being then paid to both citadels in turn. Several opportunities were neglected by each side, though there were some bright spots in the play, and the game concluded without any alteration in the score, the United leaving the field winners by 3 goals to 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 4th January 1898

A large crowd turned out to witness the display of the Kilmarnock. Their victory of 4-1 over Dundee on Saturday was a surprise, and shows that the Kilmarnock team would cut a good figure in the first League. Mr James Philip had charge of the whistling operations, and both teams lined " up at full strength with the exception of Russell (2nd .XI) taking Dundas' place at half and Doig substituting Brown at left back fur the Kilmarnock. The Vics came away with a rush, but Busby cleared. A foul off Kilmarnock was finely placed by McNeil, and Bob Ritchie scored with a high shot. Auld Killie pressed Findlay for a short time, when " Black " got away and scored with a beauty from the line. McNeil and Moffat were in great form. "Black" again fixed on the ball and scored, but was given off side. A minute later Ritchie carried the ball the whole length of the field. Burnett catching up the pass beat McAllan with a scorcher. Off side was again given. The crowd, however, were not of that opinion, and were not slow to express their feelings. It seemed a dubious point. Kilmarnock were striving hard to get a point, and forced three corners in succession. Findlay saved a scorcher from "Bunner" Campbell, although Anderson, the centre half, beat him close in at a scrimmage. The Vics were playing a great game, and the excitement was intense. Beautiful touches of combination were given on both sides. The Vics' supporters were delighted with their team. Half time arrived with the Vics pressing and the score a 2-1 in their favour.

In the second period Burnett was tripped within the 12 yards line. A penalty was granted. Wee Henderson essayed the task of beating McAllan, but struck the cross-bar. Down the field the Kilmarnock bore, and tried their hardest to equalise, but McNeil and Moffat seemed invincible. Moffat cleared, and with a combined run, in which Henderson distinguished himself, Burnett shot in a fast low ball, M. Allan tried to kick it, but missed and, the Vics stood 3 up. Towards the close the locals had hard lines in not adding further to their score. Ritchie had a rare try, and a second or two later McIlvenny only missed by inches.

Short Kicks

Good old Vics! You may well be proud of your team. To defeat the conquerors of Dundee by 3-1 is something to talk about. The Vics showed what they were made of, and a few more such exhibitions would place them in the front of the football world.
Both McIlvenny and McAllan played together in the Parkhead F.C. Moffat was the outstanding man in the defence, his play being brilliant. McNeil too, was in great form. All over the team were in earnest and gave a magnificent display.

Source: Bon-Accord, 6th January 1898

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; McNeil, Allan; Russell, Moffat, Mackenzie; Macpherson, Burnett, McIlveney, Henderson, R. Ritchie


Kilmarnock Teamsheet:  McAllan; Busby, Doig; McPherson, Anderson, Johnstone; Maitland, Muir, Campbell, Reid, Findlay


Referee: Mr. James Philip, Aberdeen

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