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AFC - Match Report
match report 1897-98 fixture list
Northern League 
Orion 0 - 2 Victoria United
Kick Off:          McNeil (pen), ?  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
Vics at Cattofield.
Cattofield was crammed by an enormous crowd to witness the fight for the points. What would have been a grand game was completely spoiled by the strong wind which blew right down the field. Orion won the toss and with the gale and incline in their favour, soon were swarming round Findlay. A fine overhead kick by Thorn missed the mark by inches. McNeil saved a shot from Hogg at the expense of a corner. From the kick the ball was forced through, but Thom was penalised for charging the goalkeeper and the point did not count. No end of corners came Orion's way; but the brilliant defence of the Blues kept their goal intact. Thom fisted the ball past Findlay, and from the free kick Vics paid McBean a visit. No scoring took place during the first Half.
With a strong wind still blowing, Vics were immediately in McBean's vicinity. Accurate shooting all through was practically an impossibly. It was now the Vics turn to have corners, but not one of them could be got through. At the corner flag Ross fouled Ritchie, and a penalty was awarded. Dan McNeil took the kick and scored. Play got rather forcible, and Referee Davidson had to keep his eyes open. From a foul Vics got their second goal, and the game ended Vics 2, Orion O.

Short Kicks.

Over 60 was drawn at Cattofield on Saturday. The respective treasurers were beaming on everything and everybody.
Every available spot where a good view could he got was occupied. The top of the pailings were lined, and the roofs of some houses in course of erection were take advantage of.
Just by way of a preliminary, Robert's helmet got knocked off when the practice was going on. This sad event tickled the crowd immensely.
We don't usually have particularly bright specimens of referees at N.L. fixtures, but Mr Davidson, Arbroath, who blew, was very successful. He had a difficult task in hand, and performed it very well.
When Orion got the wind in their favour during the first half nearly everyone would have risked their bottom dollar on the Stripes scoring.
The Vics have a powerful defence at present, and it says a lot for them that the game ended without their losing a goal.
Jim Thom started well, but fell away considerably ere the finish. The wind spoiled combination. Little really good play was witnessed during the whole game.
A corner kick was put through, but Thom was rather previous. in rushing Findlay, and the point was disallowed.
The Vics' right wing had a few good runs up ; they, however, never stopped long in Orion's territory during the first half.
Moffat raised the ire of the crowd for kicking over the pailing once or twice, but bless you, all's fair in love and football! Orion played the same game in the second half.
Findlay kept a rare goal, and was ably supported by his backs. Of the halves, Dundas played with most judgment.
With a clean sheet against them, Vics chances looked rosy at the commencement of the second half, and their supporters could easily be spotted by the smile on their faces.
The Blues were soon paying McBean a visit, but found the wind as difficult to negotiate as their opponents.
It was not until Ross fouled Ritchie and a penalty awarded that the Blues got a point. Captain Dan took the kick, and made no mistake.
We were very nearly persuaded to have one of our special medals struck and presented in honour of the great event. How many penalty kicks have the Vics missed this season? Echo answers How many?
But "it's all right now" seeing one at least of the team can score. It would soon have been Findlay's turn to have a try. Nearly all the rest have failed.
It was a very stupid thing of Ross to do. The ball would have rolled harmlessly over, there being no earthly necessity for the trip at all.
The Vics second goal also came from a foul. Dundas placed the ball finely, and it was ultimately forced through.
Vics by their victory greatly strengthen their chances of the championship. They now occupy the top position with 15 points for 11 matches. They have still three games to play. Forfar and Wanderers away, while Aberdeen have to be met at Torry.
Keep up your form, men, and let's have the flag in Aberdeen for the second season in succession.

Source: Bon-Accord, 3rd February 1898

A match which aroused considerable interest locally was that between the Orion and Victoria United. The match took place at Cattofield, and there were fully 3000 persons present. The teams were: Orion: McBean; Ross, Scott; Mitchell, Low, Currie; Webster, Grant, Thom, Wilson, Hogg. Victoria United: Findlay; McNeil, Allan; Dundas, Moffat, McKenzie; McPherson, Burnett, McIlvenny, Henderson, Ritchie.
Orion started the ball with the advantage of the wind, and at the outset Hogg and McNeil had a sharp tussle on the left, but the forward got the better of his opponent, and succeeded in centring. Moffat and one of the home team's halves shortly afterwards had an encounter, and the former was penalised dangerously near the line. The ball hovered about the visitors' goal for some time, and Orion had hard lines in not scoring. The ball was netted from a corner kick, but the referee disallowed the point in consequence of the goalkeeper having been rushed by Thom. Other two corners were also fruitless. Thy ball all this time had been manipulated within the United's line, but the Orion, by keeping it far too high, failed to take advantage of many grand opportunities. McPherson now got away on the right, and Henderson backing him up sent a fine stinging shot in, which, however, rebounded from the crossbar. Getting on their mettle, Orion returned to the attack with increased energy. The ball was kept well in front of the goal, but the United backs and halves proved equal to all emergencies. Orion, although they obtained a few corners, did not get a goal. For the second time the ball was coached past Findlay, but no further. The United shortly afterwards obtained a corner, but it was of little avail, and they again fell back on their own lines. The Stripes then obtained several corners, but failed to score, and at half time each team stood with a cipher to its credit.

In the second half the Victoria had a chance of turning to good account those advantages of wind and position of which the Orion had been able to make so little. The Orion started off with a rush, and Findlay had to stave off a smart shot towards the goal. After a sharp attack from the United the Orion got up again, but a fruitless corner was the result. The game up to this point had been productive of little result, but the Orion having the bad fortune to incur a penalty through Ross a goal fell to the lot of the visitors. McNeil doing the needful amid great cheering. Dame Fortune now seemed to have decided which of the teams she was to favour, and shortly afterwards another goal stood against the Orion. The United during: the remainder of the game had decidedly the better luck, but the whistle blew without any further scoring, the result being: Victoria United, 2: Orion, 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 31st January 1898

Orion Teamsheet:  McBean; Ross, Scott; Mitchell, Low, Currie; Webster, Grant, Thom, Wilson, Hogg


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; McNeil, Allan; Dundas, Moffat, McKenzie; McPherson, Burnett, McIlvenny, Henderson, Ritchie



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