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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Peterhead 7 - 6 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Thomson, ?, Smith, Thomson, Thomson, Thomson, Coutts       Ritchie, Henderson, McIlveney, ?, ?, Watt (o.g.)  
Attendance: 0
Vics at Peterhead.
Vics having a vacant date indulged in a friendly at Peterhead. A fairly good team went to the convict town, but alas! had to return defeated. The visitors had to face the wind during the first half, but so well did they perform that at half time they were leading by 5 to 2. After the interval Peterhead rearranged their team, and the alteration worked wonders. Some good forward play was witnessed, and Peterhead not only got on level terms with their opponents but managed in the closing minutes of the game to go one better. A game which was made conspicuous by the tall scoring, ended Peterhead 7, Vics 6.

Source: Bon-Accord. 24th February 1898

Short Kicks.

As usual the Vics travelled with a scratch team. Dundas and Murison were absent. Trainer Douglas and a young lad, Edward, filled the vacancies. Dundas was billed as an Internationalist, but Douglas, who was taken for the Dundonian, got all the credit.
The Vics' short passing astonished the natives. Henderson dribbled round and round the locals and back to the halves to the wonderment of the fishers.
Findlay is making a name for himself in saving penalties. He stopped another on Saturday.
The Vics' team played a tricky game, and seemed delighted if they managed to make their opponents look foolish; while the locals played perhaps no football, but still the paying game - a rush and a kick into goal.
The admission money was 6d, and the crowd had their money value for football as it should be played.

Source: Bon-Accord. 24th February 1898

These team's met in a friendly encounter at Peterhead before a large turnout of spectators. The teams were: Victoria United: Findlay; McNeil, Allan; Dougal, Moffat, McKenzie; McPherson, Edwards, McIlveney, Henderson, Ritchie. Peterhead: Green; Cowie, Sutherland; May, Watt, Davidson; Coutts, Shand, Batty, Smith, Thomson. The United faced the wind during the first half, and Findlay was early called upon. The visitors were the first to score, however, Ritchie shooting nicely into the net. After some smart play, Thomson returned the compliment for Peterhead. Watt (a back) who was out of his element at centre-half, gave the visitors plenty scope, and this was mainly the cause of Henderson and McIlveney increasing the Vics' score. Peterhead were having the best of the play, but the worst of the luck, and through weak play by the local defence the United scored other two goals. After experiencing extremely hard lines, Peterhead got a goal just on the interval, when they were in the minority by 5 goals to 2.

On changing ends, Watt went to his place at back, Sutherland taking the centre-half position. The result was that the complexion of the game was entirely changed, the locals playing "all over" their opponents. Smith ran nicely through, and gave Findlay no chance with an unsaveable shot. Then Watt gave away a goal by kicking through his own goal. Thomson, on the local left, was playing a great game, and, notwithstanding special attention from the visitors' defence, brought off some brilliant and clever individual runs. He scored the fourth and fifth goals, and, amid tremendous excitement, he hoodwinked Dougal and McNeil, and scored the equalising goal, while the custodian looked on helplessly. The visitors strengthened their defence, but some clever combination on the local right enabled Coutts to score the seventh and leading goal amid great cheering. With the exception of some smart work by Henderson, the United were overplayed, and retired defeated by 7 goals to 6. The young Peterhead forwards played a surprising game.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 21st February 1898

Peterhead Teamsheet:  Green; Cowie, Sutherland; May, Watt, Davidson; Coutts, Shand, Batty, Smith, Thomson


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; McNeil, Allan; Dougal, Moffat, McKenzie; McPherson, Edwards, McIlveney, Henderson, Ritchie



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