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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup Final 
The Aberdeen 3 - 2 Orion
Kick Off:    ?, Jenkins, Clark       Hogg, Hogg  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
The County Cup Final.

When the teams lined up for the eleventh county final, it was seen that there was a stranger in both ranks. Sword, of Arbroath, occupied Jim Thorn's place, and Jinkins, Elgin City, was intrusted with Aberdeen's centre position. Orion opened sensationally. From the kick off they worked through the Whites' defence, and scored less than a minute from the start. Aberdeen took up the running, and kept their opponents on the defensive. This state of matters continued during nearly all the first half, Orion rarely getting near Ritchie. From a corner Aberdeen equalised, and before the interval Jinkins gave them the lead with a grand shot.
With the wind, and only one goal down, Orion were confident of soon wiping off the leeway. Aberdeen started and made for McBean. Clark, who had taken up the centre position, had a good chance, but shot wide. From a grand run by Aberdeen, Joe Davidson sent in a hard shot which McBean cleared, but Clark got on the ball and banged it into the net. Notwithstanding the gale, Aberdeen were having as much of the game as their opponents, and were easily worth another point or two. Towards the finish Orion made a determined effort, and Hogg was successful. From this point to the close Orion pressed, but the Whites' defence could not be pierced, and Aberdeen secure the cup once more by 3 goals to 2.

Short Kicks.

The destination of the cup for another year was decided before an 88 gate.
Aberdeen we think pressed rather strongly. They would have scored oftener in the first half had they kept the game more open.
Sword, Arbroath (Thom's substitute), started all right, but got rather forcible, and was the means of giving Aberdeen a number of free kicks.
The Whites were better served with Jenkins. He put in a lot of good work, and scored the second goal with a beautiful shot.
Tom Robertson kept the game finely in hand. Nothing escaped him. The Northern League ought to send their crowd of referees to him for lessons. Tom goes to Ireland this week to referee the Irish v. English international.
We have to thank the Vics for the great improvement they have made on the press box. It is now as comfortable as one would wish. The alterations have evidently been carried out by he who knew what he was doing. Again thanks, gentlemen.
Aberdeen's chances did not look so rosy when the second half started. With the wind against them and only a goal to the good, there was a general shaking of heads amongst their supporters.
Orion seemed completely at sea without Thom. However poorly Jim plays he seems to inspire the forward line with confidence. Without him on Saturday they were like lost sheep.
Billy Clark went centre for Aberdeen during the second half, and the change worked wonders.
Jim Mackie had a solo run the entire length of the field. Allan Scott was too much for him when he got to close quarters.
Aberdeen had the trophy the first three years it was in existence. 89-90 was the last time their name was inscribed on it. It was just about time for their turn.
Without doubt the best team won on the day's play. Aberdeen all over played a superior game to their opponents.
Billy Clark was the best forward on the field, and gave his wings plenty of work. His form was a revelation to a few.
Jim Mackie also was at concert pitch. All over, the Whites gave a grand display.
Hogg was Orion's best man, but the front line suffered for want of a capable centre.
Aberdeen had the smallest forward line that ever played in a final. There was not a heavy weight amongst the five.
After the match the cup was presented in the Waverly Hotel, Mr Walker (Orion) presiding.
Mr Blann accepted the trophy for the Whites. The usual toasts were given and heartily responded to.
When Tom Robertson's health was proposed he received quite an ovation. In replying, he remarked that the play was wonderfully good for a final.
When the news of the Vics' success at Forfar was known, the Blues present were congratulated right and left.
Secretary Jaffray instructed the preparing of the pitch to Inspector Findlay, and the work was carried out admirably.

Source: Bon-Accord, 3rd March 1898

These teams met at Victoria Bridge Grounds to decide the custody of the Aberdeenshire Cup for the year. The weather was far from favourable from a footballer's point of view, as a sharp breeze troubled the players considerably. The ground, however, was in excellent condition, having been well rolled and levelled up by the association officials. The teams were: Orion: McBean ; Ross, Scott; Currie, Low, Dawson; Webster, Grant, Sword, Wilson, Hogg. Aberdeen: Ritchie; John Davidson, McConnachie; James Mackie, Joseph Davidson, Thomson; Livingstone, Gray, Jenkins, Clark, Shiach. Mr Tom Robertson, Queen's Park, was referee, and the linesmen were Mr Gordon, Turriff, and Mr Edmonstone, of the Victoria United. Orion kicked off against the wind and sun, and worked their way towards Ritchie. The Aberdeen halves failed to stay the onslaught of the Orion forwards, and McConnachie having missed a good chance, Hogg immediately netted the ball. After this, play centred round the Aberdeen right, but, owing to the heavy wind, the ball was often out of play. The Chanonry forwards sent in stinging shots, but McBean saved; capitally. Notwithstanding the awkward predicament in which a foul against Webster placed the Orion citadel, McBean was still able to avert disaster. Although the Orion did not accomplish marvels, Aberdeen was just about equally behind in taking advantage of splendid opportunities. McBean certainly did his duty, but in endeavouring to clear the second time he gave a corner, as the result of which Aberdeen equalised. Aberdeen continued to pepper away at their opponents' goal, but the ball went everywhere save between the posts. The Orion, however, succeeded in shaking off their opponents, Hogg getting clear on the left. A shot from one of the halves went over Ritchie's head, but the custodian had the next moment to use his hands to stave off a well-directed shot. This was the last of the invasion, and the Aberdeen again getting down found McBean wanting for the second time, and when the half-time whistle blew the score stood: Aberdeen 2, Orion 1.

After a short interval the game was restarted, and the opening stages were decidedly in favour of Aberdeen. Clark had a nice dribble, but though he had an excellent opportunity his ball went far beyond the mark. The Orion made towards Ritchie, but the Aberdeen forwards were back in full force. It was excellently done, and Clark turned the rush to good account by scoring a third point for his team. The Aberdeen showed far better play against the wind than did the Orion, and Mackie was deservedly cheered for an excellent run along the field. Scott tackled him, and ultimately the ball was got out of danger. Hogg, after some hard pressing, succeeded in netting the ball, but his effort was decreed off-side. The Orion, however, after a time, secured a couple of corners, and though both of them were got away, the ball was quickly returned, and through John Davidson making a miss kick, Hogg took possession and the Orion had a second point to their credit. They shortly afterwards obtained a couple of corners, which were, however, fruitless. Gray, after a fine run, was knocked off the ball just when he got within shooting distance. As only a few minutes now remained the Orion made a tremendous effort to equalise, but Ritchie proved quite beyond their powers, and the game ended: Aberdeen, 3: Orion, 2.

The following are the winners of the cup for the last ten years: 1887-88 - Aberdeen; 1888-89 - Aberdeen; 1889-90 - Aberdeen; 1890-91 - Orion; 1891-92 - Victoria United; 1892-93 - Victoria United; 1893-94 - Victoria United; 1894-95 - Orion; 1895-96 - Victoria United; 1896-97 - Orion; 1897-98 - Aberdeen.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 28th February 1898

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ritchie; John Davidson, McConnachie; James Mackie, Joseph Davidson, Thomson; Livingstone, Gray, Jenkins, Clark, Shiach


Orion Teamsheet:  McBean ; Ross, Scott; Currie, Low, Dawson; Webster, Grant, Sword, Wilson, Hogg


Referee: Mr. Tom Robertson, Queen's Park

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