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AFC - Match Report
match report 1897-98 fixture list
Northern League 
Forfar Athletic 3 - 4 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Couttie, From Scrimmage, McKenzie (o.g.)       McPherson, Henderson, Henderson, Henderson  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Station Park, Forfar
The Vics break Record at Forfar.
Winning the toss the Vics played downhill, took advantage also of the sun and wind, and came down on Souter like an avalanche. Gibb granted a corner to save, from which McPherson scored ere the game was a minute old. Henderson and his co-partners kept peppering Soutar with shots of all descriptions. Burnett sent the ball through, but the referee disallowed it. Corner followed corner, and Forfar were never getting past the centre line. McIlvenny passed to Henderson, who scored with a high shot. Shortly afterwards, Dundas, in heading the ball collided with Boath, and both retired. Neither of them was able to resume, From a pass off McKenzie, Henderson beat Soutar a third time. The Vics were playing desperately, and but for Soutar would have added to the score. Henderson was responsible for the fourth goal. At half time the Vics were leading by 4 goals to nil.
The second half was not long started when it was observed that the United were handicapped by Dundas' retiral. Forfar had not been beat in their own pitch for eighteen months - was their record to be broken? A foul off Moffat let Forfar in. Soutar came out of his goal and placing finely, Couttie headed through their first point. From a scrimmage a second goal was put on. Returning again Allan granted a corner, and McKenzie headed through his own goal, giving them a third point. The whistle sounded the finish of hostilities to the relief of the defenders, the Vics winning by 4 goals to 3.

Short Kicks

For the first time the Vics' full team travelled from home, McPherson being prevailed upon to accompany.
A large number of supporters went along with the Blues, and made themselves heard and no mistake.
Boath (Forfar) received a severe scalp wound through colliding with Dundas, and the latter got his eye so badly cut that he had to be attended by a doctor and the wound sewed.
Findlay, McNeil, and Allan were as steady as rocks.
Moffat raised the ire of the Forfarians by kicking out frequently during the last five minutes.
Forfar's record has gone at last - for eighteen months they had not lost a match at home, and for the seventh time this season the Vics have finished with ten men.

Source: Bon-Accord, 3rd March 1898

Teams representing these clubs met in a Northern League fixture at Station Park, Forfar, before a large crowd. The players were: Forfar Athletic: Soutar; Thomson, Gibb; Cable, Gerrard, Mann; Prophet, Bett, Couttie, Boath, Lowson. Victoria United: Findlay; McNeil, Allan; McKenzie, Moffat, Dundas; Macpherson, Henderson, McIlveney, Burnett, Mitchell. Playing with the wind in their favour in the first half, the United quickly asserted themselves, and by the time ends were changed, the Aberdeen men were leading by four goals to nil. Prior to this Dundas and Boath had to retire injured through having collided, and to the end of the game each team had to play only ten men.

In the second half the United maintained an excellent defence for a long time, but at length the Athletic, having the advantage of the wind in their favour, scored three times, and the final result was a win to the Victoria United by four goals to three.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 28th February 1898

Forfar Athletic Teamsheet:  Soutar; Thomson, Gibb; Cable, Gerrard, Mann; Prophet, Bett, Couttie, Boath, Lowson


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; McNeil, Allan; McKenzie, Moffat, Dundas; Macpherson, Henderson, McIlveney, Burnett, Mitchell



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