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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Orion 8 - 4 Falkirk
Kick Off:    Low (pen), Low, Barron, Hogg, Grant, Grant, Leggat, Grant       Burt, Gillespie, Gillespie, Henderson  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
Falkirk Badly Beaten.
Orion had Falkirk at Cattofield, and a fair number of spectators turned up to view the game. Orion opened the scoring from a penalty, John Low doing the needful. The scoring was equally divided, and at half time the teams had three goals each. Orion had the hill in their favour during the second half, and they took every advantage of it. Before time Orion bad increased their score to 8, while the visitors only managed to get the ball once into the net during this half. Result - Orion 8, Falkirk 4.

Short Kicks.

The attraction at Cattofield was Stewart, a Dargai hero, defending the uprights. He played a fine game and should prove as acquisition to the team.
Jim Thom was wired for to take part in the International trials. It's a great pity Jim had not been well and in form. Some Glaswegians would have got their eyes opened.

Source: Bon-Accord, 10th March 1898

Played at Cattofield, Aberdeen, in a severe snowstorm before a meagre attendance. Orion had several changes in their team, including a Dargai Gordon, Stewart, as goalkeeper. The teams were: Falkirk: Elliot; Allen, McFarlane; McLachlan, Rae, Martin; Gillespie, Lorne, Elliot, Burt, Henderson. Orion: Stewart; Smith, Ross; Currie, Low, Stopani; Webster, Grant, Barron, Leggat, Hogg. Mr. McLeod, Aberdeen, was referee. Orion started briskly against the storm, and Leggat tried a long shot. Allen, a back, fisted out, and a penalty kick was granted, from which Low scored. The home team again preyed, and were very dangerous, but McFarlane saved, and play centred round the gay Gordon from Dargai, who repeatedly cleared his lines in a remarkably smart manner. Smith ultimately relieved, and Orion got away on the left, a splendid shot resulting in Low adding a second point. At length Burt reduced the lead from a neat pass. Orion again pressed, and Barron was successful in beating Elliot, Some give-and-take play ensued, then the visitors bore down upon the Orion citadel, and after some neat work by most of the forwards Gillespie scored a second goal for his team. The snow was now falling somewhat thicker, and the Orion being at a disadvantage, Falkirk again surrounded Stewart, Gillespie being once more successful. Half-time score: Orion 3, Falkirk 3.

The ground in the second half was very soft, the players in some of the worst places being up to the ankles in snow and mud. Orion pressed, and Hogg, accepting a nice pass from Barron, gave his side the lead once more. From a combined run by the Falkirk quintette Henderson scored neatly, thus putting the teams on a level fooling. Then Grant scored twice, and a third goal was kicked by Leggat from a scrimmage, Just before time was called Grant again scored after some fine play by the whole line of for¬wards. The result was?Orion 8 goals, Falkirk 4.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 7th March 1898

Orion Teamsheet:  Stewart; Smith, Ross; Currie, Low, Stopani; Webster, Grant, Barron, Leggat, Hogg


Falkirk Teamsheet:  Elliot; Allen, McFarlane; McLachlan, Rae, Martin; Gillespie, Lorne, Elliot, Burt, Henderson


Referee: Mr. McLeod, Aberdeen

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