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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Victoria United 1 - 3 Queen's Park
Kick Off:    McPherson       Lambie, McColl, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
The Spiders' Visit.
The visit of the Queen's Park had been eagerly looked forward to by a large number of enthusiasts. They brought a really fine team north, including Kenny Anderson, the internationalist. The only absentees were Ritchie and Christie. The Vics were rather shaky at the commencement, but as the game progressed, Queen's had to play for all they were worth to save a defeat. In the opening period the visitors scored twice through Stewart and McColl. Vics monopolised the play during the second half, and with an ordinary defence should have scored repeatedly. Both sides scored a goal, and the game, which was more forcible than pretty, ended Queen's Park 3, Vics 1.

Source: Bon-Accord, 9th April 1898

Short Kicks.

Until Monday the Queen's had never defeated the Vics.
What impressed the crowd most was the magnificent speed of the Glasgow team's front line. Stewart shone in particular.
Gillespie, at back, plowed through everything, and brought down the ire of the crowd for his forcy play.
Kenny Anderson got no end of work, especially in the second half.
McIlvenny was the best forward on the homesters' side. Henderson and Ritchie were not far behind.
The halves were all good. Russell fed his forwards judiciously.
Sheffield United are down to visit Torry on Tuesday. Full League team is promised. We are looking forward to a treat.
The gate at the Queen's game amounted to about £50.
To-night the Charity tie will be replayed. There is a good deal of talk about the clubs not arranging to meet last Saturday.
That date was left open for the North v. South League fixture, but the Forfarshire League debarred it from being played.
It would have been more profitable for all parties had the tie been played, for Aberdeen and Orion fixtures are getting stale, and the game at Torry was a huge burlesque.

Source: Bon-Accord, 14th April 1898

The Queen's Park, Glasgow, are not stranger to the Granite City, and when one compares the opposition which they now receive from Aberdeen clubs with what passed for football some years ago, some idea can be formed of the progress that has been made in the game in this city. It is, of course, an open question whether the famous "Spiders" are as outstanding in the football world as they were in the days of Arnot and Smellie, Sellar, Berry, Robertson, and Lambie; and, on the other hand, it is often remarked that the Victoria United are to be seen at their best against class teams. This was the case yesterday evening, when the Blues met the famous amateur combination at Victoria Bridge Grounds. The Queen's Park are at present on tour, and they had been staying in the Douglas Hotel since Saturday evening, when they arrived from Dundee, where they were beaten by the Dundee team by 3 goals to 1. The match was timed for 6.30, but some time before the appointed hour the crowd began to dribble in, and when the visitors drove up in a brake some 200 spectators, including many old football "lights" lined the enclosure. The home team was at full strength, but one or two of the regular members of the Glasgow team were absent, their places being taken by reserve men. Still, Anderson, who represented Scotland between the goalposts against England at Glasgow, turned out, and his play was watched with interest by the spectators, while McColl, Lambie, Berry, and Gillespie, the other famous members of the eleven, also played. The teams lined up as follows: Queen's Park: Anderson; Gillespie, Smith; Irons, Robertson, Templeton; Stewart, Wilson, McColl, Berry, Lambie. Victoria United: Findlay; Kilgour, McNeil; Russell, Anderson, McKenzie; McPherson, Henderson, McIlveney, Burnett, Ritchie. Referee: Mr Thomson, Orion.

The Queen's won the toss, and the Vics kicked off towards the brickwork end. The Blues pressed at the start, but the Queens soon worked their way down, only, however, to send behind. From the goal kick, the Blues again bore down, and Anderson was called upon to save. The ball was sent behind, and from the goal kick McColl essayed some individual work, but Russell dispossessed. Midfield play ensued, until, a likely forward movement on the part of the Stripes was checked by the Blues' defence. The homesters raced away, but Anderson, running out, easily cleared a long forward pass. Play remained, however, in the Queen's quarters, and a free kick threatened their goal. The ball went outside, but the throw-in was mulled by Henderson. Still the Blues primed their opponents, and a free kick close in gave the Queen's defence some trouble. Eventually the ball went behind, and from the goal kick McColl initiated a fine run to the home quarters, but the ball went behind. From the goal kick, a free kick was given against the home team, but the Blues raced away. They were soon brought up, and the Queen's right attacked strongly. The parting shot went over, and the Blues, again attacking, forced a corner. Nothing came, however, the ball going outside. A goal kick resulted, but the Blues still pressed, and Anderson had to save likely shots three times in succession. Continuing to keep up the pressure, the Blues were only repulsed by a free kick. A likely attack by the Queen's was maintained for a time, and ultimately Lambie beat Findlay with an oblique shot, which went in under the corner of the bar. From the kick off, the Blues pressed, and a free kick close in was netted without having touched any player. From the goal kick, the Queen's pressed, and McKenzie and McNeil were in turn prominent for good defence. The ball ultimately went behind, and a goal kick brought relief. A combined run by the Queen's forwards was well checked by McNeil, but, coming again, play hovered dangerously near the home goal, until a good burst by the Blues' forwards transferred play. A goal kick resulted, but play still remained in the strangers' quarters. A likely combined run by the Queen's was nullified by offside, and the Blues again forced Anderson to use his hands. Then a good individual run by McColl came to nothing, but, returning to the attack, McColl put the finishing touch on a fine combined run by a lovely shot on the run, which beat Findlay for the second time. The Blues retaliated from the kick-off, but the Spiders were soon back at Findlay's end. A free kick brought relief for a time, but the Queen's were soon back, and a good shot by McColl grazed the cross-bar. The Blues again took up the running, but the parting shot by McIlveney went be¬hind. Midfield play ensued, and then the Blues had a look in, and kept their opponents well in their own ground until half-time, when the score stood: Queen's Park, 2; Victoria United, 0.

On resuming, the Queen's bore away, but the parting shot went behind. The play raged round the home goal, and Findlay was called on to save, which he did smartly. The Blues then dashed away, but a likely attack was checked. Returning again to the attack, the homesters twice threatened Anderson with likely shots, but the ball failed to go through. Eventually, the Spiders conceded a corner, and a series of exciting exchanges ensued in front of the Queen's goal. Anderson was well covered by the backs, who twice conceded corners. Ultimately the ball went outside, and from the throw in the Queen's attempted to transfer play. The Blues returned, and as the result of some good play in front of the strangers goal, a corner was conceded. Nothing resulted, but the Blues kept up the pressure, and a free kick, close in, all but resulted in a goal. From the goal kick, the Blues again returned, but ultimately the ball was sent over the bar. A grand individual run by McColl was checked in the home quarters. Twice the Blues resumed the aggressive with good effect and for a time fairly held their opponents. A free kick close in against the Queen's was fruitless, the ball skimming the cross-bar. A long spell of pressure by the homesters was at length relieved by individual runs by McColl and Lambie, but Findlay saved, and the Blues, returning to the attack again and again, at last, scored, McPherson putting the finishing touch on a low lightning shot by Henderson. From the kick-off midfield play ensued for a time, until a free kick again let the Vics in. Nothing resulted, and end to end play ruled for a spell. Then the Blues again attacked in excellent style, and compelled Anderson to use his hands twice in succession. As the result of some lively exchanges in the strangers' quarters, a free kick was awarded the Vics, and Anderson again had to use his hands. The Queen's raced away, but another likely attack by the Vics was productive of a free kick close in, which was fruitless. The Vics were now playing in excellent form, and had more of the game than their opponents, the Queen's being content with occasional breakaway. After a likely attempt by the Vics had been frustrated, the Queen's attacked, and a good shot from the right gave the strangers their third goal. From the kick-off the Vics came again, and a series of exciting exchanges in front of the strangers' goal almost took effect. All the efforts of the homesters, however, were in vain, and no more scoring took place, a good game ending: Queen's Park, 3; Victoria United. 1.

For a holiday match the game was well contested throughout, and right from start to finish the Victoria United held their own. Indeed their play was quite a contrast to their recent displays against local teams. In the second half Anderson had many more shots to save than Findlay; and perhaps a draw would have represented the play better than the actual score.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 12th April 1898

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; Kilgour, McNeil; Russell, Anderson, McKenzie; McPherson, Henderson, McIlveney, Burnett, Ritchie


Queen's Park Teamsheet:  Anderson; Gillespie, Smith; Irons, Robertson, Templeton; Stewart, Wilson, McColl, Berry, Lambie


Referee: Mr. J. Thomson, Orion

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