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AFC - Match Report
match report 1897-98 fixture list
Orion 2 - 1 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Hogg, Hogg       McIlvenny  
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
A Game of Corners
Saturday was again occupied with friendlies. Orion and Vics at Cattofield attracted a good turn out. The stripes kicked off down hill and at once the corners began. Watson had to save immediately afterwards. Orion, with the advantage of the wind and incline, completely hemmed in the Vics, but although corner after corner fell to them, they failed to net the leather. Wilson was ordered off for using choice language to the referee, but after a consultation with the captains he was allowed to remain. The teams crossed over pointless.
The second period started with the appearance of being more lively. Henderson centred finely, and McIlvenny headed through. Orion got on equal terms through Hogg, and the same player gave his side the lead a short while afterwards. Play all through was of a rather poor description, and rarely was interesting. Result - Orion, 2 ; Vics, 1.

Short Kicks.

Two Saturdays in succession occupied by friendlies, and the Charity ties left for week-night games. Something wrong surely! ,
Vics and Orion produced a poor game at Cattofield. Neither of the teams exerted themselves, possibly because there was nothing at stake. The players are getting fagged, and will no doubt welcome the end of the season.
John Low was in rare form. Jim Wight played back instead of Scott who could not get away.
In Watson, Orion have secured a crack defender. The weak spot is now in safe hands. He is at present in the barracks, but his time is up in October.
Webster is going stronger than ever.
Wilson will have to curb his. temper, and also cease his questionable tactics.
McIlvenny got lamed early in the game, but played gamely.
Findlay as usual defended finely. Kilgour improves every game.

Source: Bon-Accord, 21st April 1898

The Northern League champions met the Orion, at Cattofield in a friendly match. From the fact that an undecided Charity tie hangs over the head of the teams, the game was invested with considerable interest, and it was unfortunate, in one respect that it was not the Charity tie, since, the attendance was undoubtedly larger than it is likely to be on a week night. Upwards of 2000 spectators were present when the game commenced. The weather was fine, and the pitch was in wonderfully good condition after the recent heavy rains. The teams were: Victoria United: Findlay; McNeil, Kilgour; Anderson, Moffatt, McKenzie; Macpherson, Henderson; McIlveny; Burnett, Ritchie. Orion: Watson; Ross, Wight; Currie, Low, Wilson; Webster, Grant, Barron Linton, Hogg. Referee: Mr James Philip. Linesmen: Mr D. Edmonstone and Mr J. Eden.
A fairly strong wind blew half across the field. Victoria United won the toss, and from the kick-off Orion at once went down and forced a corner in less than a minute Hogg placed the ball on the top of the bar, and it went behind. From the kick-out Victoria United went right to the top of the field, and twice looked dangerous, Watson having to kick out hard on one occasion. As the result of some loose play, Orion once more attacked, and Hogg sent in a likely shot. Findlay tried to kick out and missed, but the leather went behind. The play of the Stripes was undoubtedly the more effective, but during the first half, though the game was stubbornly and at times forcibly contested, no scoring took place. Wilson had to be cautioned by the referee, and as he became insolent, he was ordered off the field. He refused to go, and the captain of the team discussed the matter with the referee, the crowd meanwhile shouting - "Put him off," and "Put off the referee." Eventually the matter was squared. Orion were the first to press when the game was restarted, and Grant sent the ball behind. From another invasion he centred beautifully, but Findlay held out. The Orion were quicker than their opponents on the ball, and the final score was Orion 2. Victoria United 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 18th April 1898

Orion Teamsheet:  Watson; Ross, Wight; Currie, Low, Wilson; Webster, Grant, Barron Linton, Hogg


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; McNeil, Kilgour; Anderson, Moffatt, McKenzie; Macpherson, Henderson; McIlveny; Burnett, Ritchie


Referee: Mr. James Philip, Aberdeen

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