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AFC - Match Report
match report 1891-92 fixture list
Northern League 
The Aberdeen 3 - 3 Montrose
Kick Off:    Whitehead, Key, Whitehead       Keillor, ?, ?  
Attendance: 1,000
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
At Chanonry in beautiful weather, and before over 1000 spectators, these clubs met in the Northern League competition. Both clubs were represented by their best team. Aberdeen kicked off, Montrose winning the toss, and choosing to play towards the north goal, with a slight breeze in their favour. Stopping Aberdeen's attempted invasion, the visitors travelled rapidly towards the home citadel. The passing of the for¬wards was smart and accurate, and fairly bamboozled the local backs. Three times the Aberdeen goal was within an ace of falling, and certainly the efforts of the Stripes deserved better luck. Steadying themselves, the Chanonry team at last shook off their opponents and invaded Montrose territory. McKie fisted out a sharp try by Key, but the home men were not to be denied. Ramsay careered along the right, and got the better of McIntosh. He passed judiciously when in the corner, and Whitehead rushing in scored for his side amid an outburst of cheering. Following up this advantage with strong play, Aberdeen kept their opponents on the defensive. Bowman and McIntosh, however, were equal to all calls made upon them, and the Whites could not get a try at goal. Cairncross and Falconer moved away on the right, and, passing closely, beat Cobban and Wood. Cairncross, when almost on the line, gave possession to Keillor, who easily equalised, Aberdeen appealing without avail for offside. Play mostly in Aberdeen territory characterised the remaining portion of the period, but, although Montrose experienced very hard lines, there was no further scoring, and the scores on crossing over were: Aberdeen 1, Montrose 1.
The opening minutes of the closing half saw the strangers pressing. Their play was clever, but without show. Keillor was showing up extremely well, despite the fact of his being well watched, and through his instrumentality the Montrosians assumed the lead. Playing with surprising energy, the Whites surrounded the north goal, and in a scrimmage Key rushed the leather through, and again all was equal. From the centre, Montrose dribbled away instantly, and hovered close to Ritchie. After several ineffectual shies, they contrived to win a third point. Determined not to be behind, Aberdeen were north in a minute, the forwards all sharing in the run, and Whitehead scored with an oblique shot, the cheering being deafening. Play was hard until the finish, but the scoring was over. Result: Montrose, 3; Aberdeen, 3.
McIntosh, Bowman, and Keillor were the best men in the Montrose team, while Ketchen, Ross, and Key carried off the honours for Aberdeen. Mr John Cameron, Dundee Our Boys, was an efficient referee.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 21st December 1891

Aberdeen are to be congratulated on their return to form, their match with the Gable-endies entitling them to a win. All over - bar goal - there was a marked improvement, and the forwards were prompt and decided in their passing and shooting the ball. Their goalkeeper was wretched, but I hear it said the Chanonry boys are to try Cobban in goal or another player at present lying low.

Source: Northern Figaro, 26th December 1891

The Aberdeen Teamsheet: 


Montrose Teamsheet: 


Referee: Mr. John Cameron, Dundee Our Boys

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